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From Siberia With Health

Sea buckthorn has been famous for its healing properties since ancient times. Because of the bright orange berries, it has many names: "Orange Queen", "Sunny berry", "Golden Tree", and due to the light pineapple flavor, the berry is called "Siberian pineapple".

Many mistakenly think that only sea buckthorn berries have healing properties, but this is far from the case. Sea buckthorn is a truly unique plant – each of its parts is a kind of medicine for any serious illness or ailment.

In this article, we will look at the healing properties of bark and leaves harvested from sea buckthorn bushes, as well as how to make delicious tea from them.

Sea buckthorn is an ancient medicinal berry that contains a large amount of vitamin C. This drink is a great way to raise immunity. If you combine dried sea buckthorn with other dried fruits and berries, you can get a real vitamin cocktail.

There are lots of ways to use dried sea buckthorn berries. Here is the list of our favorite three recepies for you: 1) Vitamin drink from dried sea buckthorn 2) Spicy tea with dried sea buckthorn and cinnamon and 3) Breakfast in a jar with dried sea buckthorn and yogurt