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The composition of amaranth oil contains about 10% squalene. It protects the skin from various external influences and also prevents aging. The epidermis due to squalene will be saturated with moisture and retain elasticity.

The component can have an antimicrobial effect and protect the skin from various infections. It is actively used in cosmetology for the age group over 25 years because it is during this period that the concentration of squalene in the human body begins to decrease.

Amaranth oil is used to support the heart and circulatory system. The product has an antisclerotic effect, prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques and blood clots in the circulatory system. As part of this oil, squalene can strengthen the walls of blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation.

Due to phospholipids and amino acids, which are rich in amaranth oil, a hepatoprotective effect is provided. In other words, the process of outflow of bile from the body accelerates. This can have a beneficial effect on the state of the digestive system, as well as prevent the development of all kinds of stagnant processes in the intestine.

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Many people are interested in whether it is possible to ensure that shilajit enters the internal organs through the skin. There is definitely a positive answer to this question. Moreover, the shilajit in this case can potentially provide a positive effect, both for the skin itself and for those parts that are near the skin.

We are talking about the muscles, joints of the arms and legs. Hence, a new question arises: how to do this? Very simple: through a cream or ointment with the shilajit in its composition. You can buy ready-made options, or you can make them yourself.

Shilajit is quite widely used for the treatment of joints. This is because it is particularly effective in this direction and can suypport cartilage and bone tissue.

The composition of Shilajit is rich in various organic compounds, acids, vitamins, as well as chemical trace elements. As a result, shilajit is a fairly effective substance that can have a potentially positive effect on changes occurring in bone tissue, as well as potentially treat inflammation in cartilage and joints.

The ideal option is to prepare an ointment with a Shilajit. Of course, you can buy a ready-made version, like Siberian Green Altai Cream-Gel “Warm Muscles & Joints” with Shilajit Pine Nut Essential Oils Resin and Herbs 100ml, or Siberian Green Altai Cream-Gel “Anti-Stretch Marks” with Shilajit and Siberian Herbs 100ml

To bring maximum benefit, it must be applied correctly. To do this, you will need to rub the mixture into the problem area liberally for 10-15 minutes. It's a painstaking task, of course, but it's worth it.

The main difference between Omega-7 and Omega-9 is that they belong to different groups of fatty acids. Omega-9 is a representative of monounsaturated acids, and Omega-7 refers to unsaturated fatty acids.

In addition, these omega acids are found in various products:

  • The main component of Omega-7 is palmitoleic acid. Omega-7 can be found in fish, sea buckthorn berry oil, or macadamia nuts.
  • Omega-9 is found in olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocados, and can also be produced in the body. Its deficiency is relatively rare.

The difference between Omega-9 and Omega-7 also lies in their chemical structure and the effects they have on the human body.

How to properly consume Omega 7 and Omega 9?

The best way to maintain the right balance of Omega-7 and Omega9 intake is, first of all, to adhere to a general healthy diet that includes either fish or a small amount of additional vegetable oil per day, specifically sea buckthorn that contains not only high dose of Omega 7, but combination of all 4 omegas – 3-6-7 and 9!

The height of an adult Siberian pine tree can be 44 m, but usually, it does not exceed 35 m. In an old tree, the trunk girth sometimes reaches 2 m. The lifetime of Siberian pines may slightly exceed 500 years.

The length of the dark green needles of Siberian pines is sometimes equal to 0.14 m. Needles form bundles, each of which has strictly 5 needles. The root system is quite short: it is formed from rod roots with intensive branching.

Pinus Sibirica blooms in the middle of summer. The time of collecting cones falls in August and in the first days of September. The collected tree seeds can be stored in a proper conditions for a maximum of 10-12 months.

Siberian pine is characterized by the formation of a dense crown in the form of a sharp cone. As the tree matures, it becomes wider. The smooth bark is initially colored gray, later it acquires a gray-brown color and is covered with furrows. Young shoots have a thickness of 0.6-0.7 cm, are colored in a light brown tone, and are covered with thick red hair. The buds of this tree do not contain resin, they reach 0.6-1 cm in length.

The needles can last on the branches for 2-3 years. Direct cones are shaped like an egg or elongated in length. Pines begin to bear cones in the second year after flowering.

The mature cone reaches a length of 0.06-0.13 m, it is characterized by tightly pressed scales, the shields on which are thickened. There may be 30-150 seeds in the cone. The peak of fruiting (falling of cones) falls in August and early autumn. Under favorable conditions, 1000-1500 cones can fall from a large pine tree.

Many people, both women, and men, may face such a problem as skin stretch marks. This defect does not bring joy to anyone, although it does not prevent the body from fully functioning. Nevertheless, it looks quite unattractive, as a result of which people are constantly looking for means to combat stretch marks. Surprisingly shilajit which is known as a dietary supplement can help us here what would be a cosmetic remedy...

Shilajit copes well with stretch marks, especially if used in conjunction with horse chestnut extract, pine cones or pine needles extract, as well as burdock root extract - this is what we would call a traditional Siberian recipe. 

To get rid of skin atrophy through shilajit, you can use the processes that this mixture is able to provide:

  1. Restoration of damaged cellular tissue.
  2. Enriching the skin with vitamins and minerals.
  3. Stimulation of protein synthesis (collagen and elastin enter the skin).

Stretch marks are better treated by topical application. In this case, it will be possible to ensure the receipt of the maximum amount of necessary substances to the affected skin. In addition, when a person has an individual intolerance to individual components, external use will significantly reduce the possibility of an any allergic reaction.

Probably the easiest method is to apply Altai cream-gel with shilajit in it. For example, Altai Cream-Gel “Anti-Stretch Marks” with Shilajit and Siberian Herbs – it is made using traditional formula and combination of shilajit with Siberian Herbs, such as: Horse chestnut extract, Pine needles extract, Pine cones extract, Burdock root extract. Directions: Apply all over skin, concentrating on stretch mark prone areas such as tummy, hips, thighs, and bust. Massage liberally into skin twice daily. Store in a cool dry place and keep tightly closed after initial opening.

Viburnum oil is a useful extract obtained from the seeds of ripe berries of the plant of the same name. For the manufacture of the product, a cold-pressed method is typically used. The oil has just a slightly pink or yellowish tint, its structure is fluid, slightly viscous. As seeds provide most of the oil and are pressed during the extraction process, viburnum oil has distinct and very pleasant aroma and flavour.

The composition of the product includes a large number of useful substances. In particular, the extract contains:

  • tocopherol;
  • palmitic and myristic acids;
  • beta-carotene;
  • lycopene;
  • xanthophylls;
  • oleic and linoleic acids;

Viburnum oil in cosmetology.

Mainly, viburnum oil has been used in Siberia, Russia externally for medicinal and / or cosmetic purposes. The healing and softening properties of the product are beneficial for problem skin, inflammatory processes and bleeding.

For external application the only main contraindication is an individual allergy which are quite rare, still please pay attention to that.

The use of viburnum oil can improve the condition of dry and irritated skin. The viburnum oil squeeze is used for the preparation of cosmetic masks, for healing compresses, used internally to accelerate digestion.

Oil from pine (cedar) nuts growing in Siberia has been used for many centuries by locals (famous for their good health and longevity) for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. It is consumed in its pure form, mixed with Siberian herbs, pine resin, shilajit, etc.

The legendary properties of Siberian pine nut oil have been ignored by official medicine and pharmacy for many years, but in recent years scientific institutes around the world have shown interest in this unique natural remedy.

The main attention of the minds of scientists is occupied by the study of linolenic acid, which is unique in that it is contained only in the seeds of coniferous plants. Pine nut oil contains a significant amount of this acid (more than 18%). In addition to the well-known Oleic and Pinolenic acids, pine nut oil contains Skeadonic, Palmitic, Stearic, Gadoleic, Arachidonic, Eicosatetraenoic (ETA), Behenic, Palmitinoleic.

Thanks to its rich composition, Pine nut oil has amazing properties that can be justified and explained with the help of modern science. What do scientists say about the medicinal properties of cedar oil and Linolenic Acid included in its composition?

Currently, it is scientifically proven that products containing Pinolenic acid can be used to control weight, to control food intake, appetite, and /or weight loss.

Many researchers have assessed it as a rich source of protein and essential amino acids, the deficiency of which cannot be filled by traditional crops. Today, amaranth oil occupies an important place in phytotherapy and potentially the prevention of some health issues.

A new variety of amaranth "Cherginsky"has been created at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Omsk (Siberia, Russia). The novelty has high frost resistance and plasticity, which makes it possible for its cultivation in a wide variety of conditions. A remarkable feature of the amaranth "Cherginsky" is its precocity, which makes it possible to obtain full-fledged seeds in the conditions of Western Siberia.

First of all, the Siberian variety of Amaranth oil has a high concentration of antioxidants, which means that it could be effectively used for medicinal purposes.

An extensive range of useful properties of amaranth oil of the "Cherginsky" variety determines the versatility of its application. Siberian Amaranth oil is highly appreciated because of the following qualities:.. Read More

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The most popular source of Omega fatty acids is flax oil, in which these essential substances occupy more than half of the mass (up to 55%). In numbers, the benefits of linseed oil look impressive: to cover a person's daily need for Omega-3, only 1.9 g of linseed pomace (less than a teaspoon) is enough!

The second in the rating of Omega-3 content is Camelina (False flax) oil. Alpha-linolenic fatty acid occupies about 35% of its composition, linoleic acid is almost 2 times less, which makes this oil very useful for health.

Another natural oil containing Omega-3 in large quantities is pine (cedar) oil, the so-called "Cure for a hundred diseases" (so-called in Siberia oil from pine nuts). High nutritional value, numerous therapeutic properties, very harmonious and delicate taste have earned him great popularity and respect.

Where can Omega-7 be found?

The first thing that comes to mind when looking for an answer to this question is sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn oil is the leader in Omega-7 content. Other few (and not so rich) sources of this acid are Australian macadamia nut, mink, seal and whale oil and other similar exotics.

Sea buckthorn oil goes well with any preparations, except those that contain high doses of vitamin E. The oil is excellent for combined use with preparations that improve the condition of the skin (for example, Omega-3, hyaluronic acid).

The history of sports of the 20th century tells us that the active use of dietary supplements from natural herbs by athletes began in the 1970s in the Soviet Union.

In the list of pharmacological remedies popular at that time among professional athletes, there was also an extract from the Maral root in the form of its ecdysteroids, nicknamed the "Russian Secret" in the Western countries. It was used by them in preparation for the Olympics in 1980, at which Soviet athletes achieved resounding success.

A few years later, the United States created its own analog - the mesobolin, which was distributed mostly thru not “approved” channels. Separate laboratory studies suggest that the effectiveness of Maral root extract in sports and bodybuilding for gaining muscle mass may exceed the effect of taking anabolic steroids.

In the experiment, female athletes engaged in fitness took a Maral root powder 2 times a day for 1 pc. during meals for ~45 days. Result: it was found that taking Maral root causes a significant improvement in physical performance and muscle strength (by 15%); in the muscle strength test, in which the deadlift was performed, a significant increase in lifting weights was noted from 205 lb. to 304 lb. on the 14th day. When measuring the strength of the brush, there are no differences.

As you can see, the results of scientific research are ambiguous. Part of the study confirms the ability of the Maral root to build muscle mass, tone the body and, accordingly, have a positive effect on athletic performance.

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Deep underground in the mountainous part of Southern Siberia there are pockets of granitization. From there, from 6-10 miles away, extremely valuable enriched with trace minerals, fulvic and humic acids waters rise to the earth's surface and absorbed by plants and vegetation, including milk thistle.

The effect of these waters on health has been studied relatively well. But how many more extraordinary secrets are hidden there, in the depths! Almost all chemical elements present on Earth come up. They are absorbed by herbs and converted by them into the most useful compounds.

So the vegetation growing in the Siberian region certainly cannot be called ordinary! Oil from Siberian milk thistle is much better than oil from herbs growing in Europe. This region is unique in its ecological parameters - the Siberian nature, despite the long history of development by Russian researchers and urban planners, is still little studied by man. Sometimes you cannot meet a single living soul for hundreds of kilometers here! Aren't these ideal conditions for the growth of environmentally friendly milk thistle? The oil made from the extract of this plant is an excellent source of the famous Siberian longevity.

Both the medical and nutritional value of hawthorn seeds is due to the increased content of active but at the same time easily digestible substances.

Each of the hawthorn berries contains 3-5 seeds of a triangular shape. They do not sit very tightly in the pulp and can be easily removed when a fruit is fresh, but when it’s dry – it’s almost impossible to take out. Both - berries and seeds – have great therapeutic effect, whether hawthorn are fresh, frozen, or dried.

It is recommended to prepare teas, balms, drinks, and compotes based on extracts from solid natural raw materials (whole berries with seeds) since its useful components, contained in berries and seeds will stay with the liquid during processing. Hawthorn tea, drink, compotes are much tastier and healthier in comparison with those prepared from berries without seeds. For a basic compote from whole dried hawthorn berries, let dried berries to stay overnight in liquid, then bring it to boil, and now you can eat much softer berries with honey or as-is, and you have a ready to drink healthy hawthorn compote.

Hawthorn seeds are also used in Siberia for making flour, from which you can then bake cupcakes, buns, cakes, etc - pretty much like bird cherry flour, very popular in Siberia. There is also a method of using ground hawthorn seeds for the purposes of fortification (adding vitamins and useful nutrients) in wheat flour and baking mixes products in Siberia.