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The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulates both finished dietary supplement products and dietary ingredients. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices. Siberian Green facilities are not only registered with FDA, but as the official importer we require all our suppliers to be registered with FDA, so we source exclusively from FDA registered facilities. All our FDA registered facilities are subject to an inspection at any time to ensure that we meet all the current requirements and regulations.


Siberian Green encourages all suppliers to become GMP certified facilities and to comply with the meticulous Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) standards and procedures. Two our major supplements suppliers (Evalar and Vitalabs) are proud holders of NSF GMP standards. Evalar is also a proud holder of GMP - SGS Codex Alimentarius certification. All other our suppliers are in full compliance with a corresponding manufacturer GOST R 52249-2009 Standard - "Rules for the production and quality control of medicines" which is an identical translation of the European GMP standard.

Vitalabs NSF

Evalar NSF

Evalar SGS


Siberian Green products are holding The Eurasian Conformity mark - certification mark to indicate products that conform to all technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union. It means that the EAC-marked products meet all requirements of the corresponding technical regulations and have passed all conformity assessment procedures, specifically rigorous quality and safety standards. Best Value Organic OOO is the EAC certification holder for Siberian Green products


Our suppliers test Siberian Green products in ISO level certified laboratories to ensure compliance with all quality and safety standards. In addition to default safety and quality testing we selectively conduct 3-rd party independent lab test at ISO-certified facilities in USA. Specifically we partner with Mission Mountain Laboratories in Ravalli MT, US - a multi-functional laboratory that specializes in microbiology and chemical testing  - to test specific parameters of our dietary supplements active ingredients such as fulvic acid.

Altaisky Bioshpere Reserve

Siberian Green partners with Altaisky National Biosphere Reserve and donates a portion of sales revenue to this unique, UNESCO protested site at the foothills of Altai Golden Mountains in Siberia. Altai Golden Mountains is the source of our famous Altai Shilajit (Mumijo) for our selected brands and products. "Golden Mountains" Shilajit proudly carries the logo of Altaisky Biosphere Reserve. Thank you for your support of this unique Siberian Nature Reserve by being a loyal customer of "Golden Mountains" branded products.


Siberian Green is proud to include the following copyrighted logos on all product labels that include these premium ingredients: