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From Siberia With Health

Bird cherry is often called a beautiful bride. This is because when a tree "puts on" festive snow-white clothes (blooms), it turns into a real miracle. However, not only the cherry blossoms should be paid attention to. Berries and powder made from them have a unique taste and smell.

Cupcakes, cakes, and pies made of cherry flour often have a taste of rum and chocolate. Reminds someone of almonds. This is because the product contains amygdalin, which has a unique aroma and taste. Such flour is rich in phytoncides, and its calorie content is almost 3 times less in comparison with classic wheat flour.

Useful properties.

Cherry flour was able to absorb all the best that fresh bird cherry berries possess. Namely:

  • Due to coumarin (2H-chromen-2-one) in the composition, it is possible to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, as well as stimulate the functions of the nervous system.
  • Vitamin P, which is part of the berry, and hence the powder, is a natural antioxidant that the human body cannot produce. By eating at least a portion of cherry flour dessert, you can satisfy your daily need for manganese, P-active compounds, and vitamin E.
  • Bird cherry powder can normalize the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as have an anti-inflammatory and restorative effect.
  • Berries are enriched with tannins, as well as malic citric acid.

Cherry flour is one of the bases intended for the preparation of coffee, jelly, compotes, pastries, etc. This product is characterized by low calorie content. It is able to give drinks and products a delicate aroma and spicy bitterness.

For the first time, this flour began to be made by the indigenous inhabitants of Western Siberia several centuries ago. Local cooks used it for the purpose of making sweet dough. To date, baking based on it is still popular, and recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

However, along with the development of technology, new types of drinks are also emerging. For example, today you can make coffee from cherry flour in a coffee machine. It will turn out a delicious and healthy drink. It is recommended to mix with classic coffee in proportions of 50-50. This will provide not only an exquisite taste, but also a taste of rum, which will make the drink truly unusual.

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Siberian bird cherry is capable of captivating you, both with the fragrant foam of white-creamy flowers in the spring and with the agate-black berry scattering at the end of summer. The fruits are processed and dried for subsequent grinding into powder (flour). You can also use berries for jams, juices, or compotes. With bird cherry powder, you can cook jelly, make delicious pastries, prepare desserts and sauces.

Key benefits of bird cherry flour.

The glycemic index of this powder is only 20 units. Like other fiber-rich foods, bird cherry flour can lower blood sugar levels. However, phytoncides are the real gem in this product. Bird cherry trees are called "forest orderlies" for a reason because they disinfect the air around them. Most of the beneficial properties can be preserved in dried berries.

Bird cherry flour is capable of:

  • Suppress the inflammatory processes in the pancreas, including those caused by viruses.
  • Strengthen immunity. This property is important in general for each person and diabetics in particular.
  • To increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin. This property can help with type 2 diabetes, as well as a cure in the early stages of gestational diabetes, which affects pregnant women. But in the second case, you need to be extremely careful, because, during the period of bearing a child, such flour can be dangerous for the fetus!

Does bird cherry flour help you lose weight?

Those who want to lose weight should definitely pay attention to this product because its energy value is only 119 kcal per 100 g. Plus bird cherry is rich in fiber, which means that it will contribute to the fact that drinks and dishes prepared with its addition, will be:

  1. Accelerate digestion.
  2. Saturate the body for a long time.
  3. Remove toxins. Bird cherry powder acts on them like a "brush". It removes toxins from the body and makes a person feel much better.

Bird cherry flour - Siberian superfood

Flour made from bird cherry berries is considered a great superfood today. That is a product containing many useful substances for the human body.

"Prunus padus" or common bird cherry in Western Siberia is very common. It is not surprising that in conditions of a deficiency of vitamins, it was from there in the 19th century that the tradition of harvesting black fruits for the winter began. They were used for the following purposes: cooking jelly, compotes, pies, and other baked goods. In addition, a very tasty jam is obtained from bird cherry. Often, the powder made from dried bird cherry berries (combined with fish oil) was used by fishermen to bake crispy salty cakes.

Bird cherry flour is not only ideal for making muffins and biscuits. It is perfect for making tasty coffee.

This coffee has an amazing chocolate-almond aroma. It is not at all like the classic tart aroma of fresh bird cherry. A cup of divine Bird Cherry coffee will invigorate the body and tune in the right way.

In Western Siberia, almost every home has had bird cherry flour among the usual products since ancient times. There is an opinion that locals owe their famous "Siberian health" to bird cherry flour. For many hundreds of years, Siberians have been making sweet pastries, mixed with honey, and added to cakes.

The fruits of the bird cherry were dried in the sun and then ground in a mortar. In places where fishing was well developed, bird cherry flour was mixed with fish oil and delicious and nourishing cakes with salt were fried. The dish not only helped to quickly and effectively cope with hunger but also gave a boost of vigor for the whole day.

Unfortunately, few people outside Siberia know about this unique product. Today we will correct this injustice.

  • Bird cherry flour has a beneficial effect on digestion.
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of bird cherry flour.
  • It is a great weight loss remedy
  • Strengthens the kidneys and heart
  • It is a versatile kitchen assistant

Bird cherry flour (Мука Черемухи) boasts a huge content of fiber and vitamin C, which is so necessary for maintaining health. For the production of bird cherry flour, bird cherry (Черемуха in russian) fruits are used, dried in the sun or in special dryers.

The flour from the bird cherry fruits has a brown tint and a nutty taste, has a natural sweetness. Cherry flour is used for baking: cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, cakes. Pancakes, casseroles and various fillings are incredibly delicious from cherry flour, and drinks made from this flour have a rich aroma.

Bird cherry flour naturally does not contain gluten. 100 grams of our Siberian bird cherry flour contains 119 Cal. Just compare this with a generic brand of wheat flour containing 350 Cal. Sounds like is great way to enjoy your favorite pastries and at the same time to consume less calories! We Love our Siberian Bird Cherry Powder Flour for its’ unique, distinctive Siberian taste – Siberians compare bird cherry powder taste to a blend of chocolate, almond, and rum!

We present you delicious recipes from Siberian (Altai) bird cherry flour.