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Bird cherry flour - a magic Siberian Superfood for health, from which you can brew delicious coffee!

Today, when visiting the store, one can be confused by the abundance of types of flour on the counter. Here you can find flaxseed, and coconut, and pea, and almond, and buckwheat. But, if one could ask our ancestors what they would choose, the answer would surprise bird cherry flour! This is due to its beneficial properties for the body and the breadth of application.

Bird cherry flour - Siberian superfood

Flour made from bird cherry berries is considered a great superfood today. That is a product containing many useful substances for the human body.

"Prunus padus" or common bird cherryin Western Siberia is very common. It is not surprising that in conditions of a deficiency of vitamins, it was from there in the 19th century that the tradition of harvesting black fruits for the winter began. They were used for the following purposes: cooking jelly, compotes, pies, and other baked goods. In addition, a very tasty jam is obtained from bird cherry. Often, the powder made from dried bird cherry berries (combined with fish oil) was used by fishermen to bake crispy salty cakes.

Beneficial properties.

Of course, you can't eat a lot of bird cherry in its pure form. Yes, it is not necessary. But drying and grinding the fruits into powder is ideal at all times. Even when dried, bird cherry will not lose its useful properties.

This flour is rich in:

  • Dietary fibers, which act on the human intestines according to the principle of "brushing", sweep away the accumulated toxins.
  • Phytoncides, that is, substances capable of destroying bacteria. For this reason, bird cherry powder is an excellent natural antiseptic.
  • Coumarin, which is popularly called the "killer" of cholesterol. This substance can reduce the calorie content of any dish by almost 15%.

The presence of copper, iron, zinc, vitamin C, and magnesium in fruits contributes to the fact that bird cherry can be used as a natural antidepressant.

Another beneficial property is the lack of gluten, which people struggle with when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. And for good reason! Gluten can cause allergic reactions, especially in children of primary school and preschool age. For this reason, pediatricians not only recommend, but also strongly advise eating baked goods made from bird cherry flour.

Are there any contraindications?

Of course, bird cherry powder has a huge number of healing properties. However, there are still some contraindications for use. You should not use this flour in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding. Bird cherry seeds contain small amounts of amygdalin, a plant poison. While carrying a child, women often suffer from a decrease in immunity, which means that there is a potential danger to the fetus.
  • Chronic constipation. Bird cherry powder, even though it works like a "brush" for toxins, is quite strong. People who already suffer from constipation will only worsen the situation with the use of such flour.
  • Gastritis or worsening of an ulcer. Due to the content of citric and malic organic acids in the composition of bird cherry fruits, an irritating effect will be exerted on the gastrointestinal mucosa.
  • Age up to 3 years. Even though pediatricians approve of the use of bird cherry flour for making baked goods intended for children, it should still not be given to a child under 3 years old. This is explained by the fact that before reaching this age, it is recommended to limit the intake of carbohydrates and glucose, which are found in huge quantities in bird cherry.

Cool coffee recipe.

Bird cherry flouris not only ideal for making muffins and biscuits. It is perfect for making tasty coffee.

We will need:

  • water;
  • bird cherry flour (powder);

We will cook at the rate of 2 tsp. per 100 ml. water. Before pouring water over the flour, some heat it dries, but you should not do this. The powder will begin to melt and burn. Pouring flour from the fruit of bird cherry with water, you need to put the mixture on fire and wait for it to boil. After that, you need to strain the drink through a small strainer and pour it into cups.

This coffee has an amazing chocolate-almond aroma. It is not at all like the classic tart aroma of fresh bird cherry.

A cup of divine Bird Cherry coffeewill invigorate the body and tune in the right way.

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