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Is it possible to brew bird cherry flour like coffee in a coffee machine?

Cherry flour is one of the bases intended for the preparation of coffee, jelly, compotes, pastries, etc. This product is characterized by low calorie content. It is able to give drinks and products a delicate aroma and spicy bitterness.

For the first time, this flour began to be made by the indigenous inhabitants of Western Siberia several centuries ago. Local cooks used it for the purpose of making sweet dough. To date, baking based on it is still popular, and recipes are passed down from generation to generation.

However, along with the development of technology, new types of drinks are also emerging. For example, today you can make coffee from cherry flour in a coffee machine. It will turn out a delicious and healthy drink. It is recommended to mix with classic coffee in proportions of 50-50. This will provide not only an exquisite taste, but also a taste of rum, which will make the drink truly unusual.

How to make coffee from bird cherry flour in a coffee machine?

It is clear that if we are talking about a capsule device, there is only one way to put cherry flour there: using a reusable capsule. But in its pure form, the powder in this case is better not to use, but to mix it with ground coffee for cooking. To do this, we take the ingredients in the proportions of 50-50, fall asleep in a capsule, mix, insert into the device, turn on the desired mode, substitute the cup, wait until the drink is ready.

You can also use another method: to make coffee from a capsule, add bird cherry flourto the finished drink. It will provide an unusual taste and spicy bitterness.

If we are talking about a grain coffee machine, then everything is simpler here. In the coffee compartment, we pour cherry flourtogether with coffee. Also 50-50. We set the desired program, wait until the drink is ready. Enjoy it!

Another option for making a drink is in a coffee maker. In general, the cooking algorithm is similar to that used for coffee machines. The same ingredients are used in 50-50 proportions. At the same time, you can always add sugar or its substitute to taste.

Why can this drink be useful?

The answer lies in the composition of cherry flour. It contains elements such as:

  • vitamins C, E, group B, P;
  • flavonoids;
  • dietary fibre;
  • tannins;
  • phytoncides;
  • coumarin;
  • tryptophan;
  • carotenoids;
  • citric, malic, ascorbic acid.

The product can have a beneficial effect on the body due to its rich composition. Due to the fact that before crushing the berries, they are not subjected to harsh heat treatment, all the value is preserved. At the same time, cherry flour has a low calorie content, does not contain gluten (the value of the glycemic index is 20). About a fifth of the product is complex carbohydrates.

Speaking about the mineral composition of coffee from cherry flour, it can be noted that it is rich in the following substances:

  • It may help in accelerating metabolism, as well as in maintaining a good condition of dental and bone tissues.
  • It may prevent the formation of concretions in the kidneys and gallbladder, and can also help with the normalization of the digestive process.
  • Its possible beneficial effect is to regulate the water balance and normalize the heart rate.
  • Phosphorus in the composition of cherry flour can have a positive effect on energy exchange and proper muscle function.

Cherry flourcontains a small amount of copper, manganese, zinc and fluorine, which can contribute to the proper functioning of the body.

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