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What tea is the best to mix Shilajit with?

Shilajit is a natural healing resin that is harvested in India, Tibet, and the Altai Mountains. In fact, it is a compressed mineral clay of natural biological origin. Its composition is variable, depending on the type and origin.

Shilajit flavoring features.

Shilajithas a bitter taste, it has a specific smell similar to oil. Interestingly, it almost completely dissolves in water, leaving only small sediment. Not everyone likes the taste of pure Shilajit. For this reason, remedies based on Altai resin are a mixture of Shilajit and all kinds of natural additives that change the taste to a pleasant one.

Those who prefer pure Shilajit often mix it with water, coffee, milk, and honey. One of the most popular drinks is herbal tea. It is customary for them to finish almost any meal, and in general, the daily consumption of tea for a modern person is very high. So, is it possible to mix Altai Shilajit with tea?

Shilajit with green tea.

Green tea is considered a very healthy drink for humans. It actually contains caffeine (which is not very well known fact) and, due to this, has a tonic effect on the body. In addition, it contains epigallocatechin - a substance that protects the structure of the brain, which is responsible for fine coordination of movements. It helps to resist the development of Parkinson's disease.

In addition, the consumption of green tea leads to the release of dopamine. Namely, the deficiency of this hormone, which serves as a neurotransmitter, causes Parkinson's disease. In addition, green tea has a diuretic effect and, as a result, can lower blood pressure.

Mixing Altai Shilajit with green tea, you deal a double blow to many unpleasant diseases. In addition, this combination is an excellent tool for preventing health disorders and increasing the body's immunity.

Black tea.

Some believe that it is beneficial tea to mix with Shilajit is black tea. The reason is in the peculiarities of its production (fermentation). Although the fermentation process deprives black tea of some vitamins and amino acids, it enriches it with other useful substances - theaflavins and thearubigins.

Theaflavins give the tea a pleasant, clean, refreshing, and lively taste, increasing the strength and intensity of the aroma. Thearubigins make the drink rich, endow it with a thick, long-lasting taste with a strong tonic effect and astringent properties.

The combination of black tea and Altai Shilajit is best for people suffering from high blood pressure and digestive system disorders:

A unique property of black tea is the regulation of vascular tone. This means that both hypertensive and hypotensive people can drink it in reasonable amounts. The first he will reduce the pressure, and the second will raise. And it will do it not for a short time, like the green one, but for a long time - for several hours. Green tea mixed with Shilajit works differently: it first increases the pressure, and then it can drop even more.

It is a black tea that perfectly reduces the feeling of nausea and is actively working to create beneficial microflora in the intestines.  In combination with Altai Shilajit, black tea is an effective remedy for intoxication of the body.

Which tea is tastier with Shilajit?

It depends. If you are truly concerned about health benefits of tea – definitely pick green tea and variations of it – herbal tea, even pine needle tea which we discussed later in our blog. But not everyone is only interested in the beneficial properties of tea - for some, the taste and color of the drinking matter. Black tea has a richer taste and a much brighter color due to the thearubigins (polyphenols) it contains, which are formed during the fermentation of black tea.

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