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What did famous doctors of the past say about the Shilajit?

Shilajit is perhaps the oldest natural remedy, with many unsolved mysteries. Many ancient medical books contain valuable information about the Shilajit, the fact that it was successfully used in ancient India, Mongolia, Tibet, in Ancient Greece, only emphasizes that it is actually an amazing and unique remedy.

What did the wise men of the past write about the healing properties of Shilajit? Why, over the years of research, this “miracle of nature” has not been fully studied? Let's take a look at some historical sources:

Aristotle. “The Destroyer of Weakness”

Even before the birth of the Arab, Persian, and even ancient Roman cultures, the healers of Antiquity used the word "Mumijo". It is found in the works of the ancient philosopher, pharmacologist, teacher of Alexander the Great - Aristotle. He first described the healing properties of Shilajit 2500 years ago.

Aristotle prescribed Shilajit in the treatment of congenital deafness, recommending rinsing with a solution of Shilajit with animal bile or mixed with grape juice. When bleeding from the nose, he instilled a mixture of Shilajit with camphor into each nostril. For the treatment of stuttering, he recommended smearing the tongue with a mixture of Shilajit and honey.

Avicenna about Shilajit.

Abu Ali Sina (Avicenna) recommended 0.071 g of Shilajit with marjoram juice for the treatment of diseases such as migraines, purulent otitis media, bone fractures, dislocations, bruises, wounds; with paralysis of the facial nerve - 0.035 g each Shilajit mixed with rose oil and sour grape juice.

In the treatment of bleeding from the lungs, the dose of the remedy was increased to 0.1 g mixed with a strong wine drink (nabiz). In large doses (0.190 g each) Avicenna recommended using Shilajit mixed with condensed juice (syrup), silk, or lentil broth - in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system (stomach, liver, spleen), as well as in some inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract (with a sore throat and sore throat). In addition, the famous doctor recommended Shilajit for diseases of the bladder and urinary retention, as well as an antidote for alcohol poisoning and a scorpion bite.

Along with the appointment of the remedy inside, Avicenna used Shilajit as an external agent in a mixture with some vegetable oils for rubbing bruises, dislocations, scorpion bites. According to the author's description, Shilajit can dissolve tumors.

Arab sages and healers about Shilajit.

Abubakr Rabi al-Bukharon in 960 A.D. attributed healing abilities to this unique natural remedy. He argued that the use of Shilajit with honey can work miracles in medicine. The famous Arab physician Mohammed Zakaria Razi believed that he must be carried with you when a bone fracture occurs. Muhammad Tabib in the XII century in one of his works spoke about the unique ability of this remedy to enhance sexual function.

An ancient eastern proverb says: "Only Shilajit saves from death". Rich merchants and pilgrims of the Arab world in the Middle Ages did not go on a long journey without a miraculous substance - Shilajit.

How Shilajit got to Western Europe.

European doctors got acquainted with Shilajit, apparently, after the court physician of the King of Navarre, Guyom de la Fontaine visited Egypt in 1564, where he was shown about 40 varieties of this balm.

In the famous "Herbalist" by John Parkinson (1567-1650) we can find the evidence of the successful use of Shilajit for various diseases treatment, and the famous English physician Robert James in 1776 included it in his "pharmacopeia" and described the Shilajit as a shiny resinous substance with a pleasant smell and sourish bitter taste. And the Frenchman Eirini D'Erinet defended his thesis on "The Miraculous Balm" in 1872.

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cesar ramon moscardo

cesar ramon moscardo

October 28, 2021


i´ve start to consume your shilajit daily and it feels good but i just want to be sure i´m not harming my health with shilajit heavy metals. how can i know that your brand is healthy?


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