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From Siberia With Health

Fireweed (Ivan-Tea, Chamaenerion angustifolium, Great willowherb, Rosebay willowherb) is a miraculous herb that, before the appearance of Indian and Chinese teas, saved many northern Europeans and American colonists from serious ailments. In this article, we will tell you the most interesting facts about fireweed collected in Russian Siberia:

The first researcher of Siberian Ivan-Tea lived a long and happy life.

Petr Aleksandrovich Badmaev, a Russian doctor who studied Fireweed, lived one hundred and ten years, and ten years before his death he once again learned the joy of fatherhood. The biographers of the Russian scientist agree that Badmaev owes such a long life path to the constant drink of fireweed tea.

Ivan tea is a devoted symbol of Ancient Rus`.

In Kievan Rus, fireweed was used for a variety of purposes. The fluff from its seed boxes was used as weaving material, the roots were eaten or dried, then ground into flour, and fresh shoots and leaves were sometimes placed in different salads.