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Siberian Pinus Sibirica, or Siberian pine - mighty source of energy. How siberian pine nuts and pine nut oil, concentrate all the power of the mighty tree.

Siberian cedar is a tree of very ancient origin, so much so that the first evidence of the existence of this species seems to belong to the period of glaciations. It is also a long-lived plant, resistant to cold climates and often large in size.

The area of growth covers the Russian Federation (Siberia), Asia, Europe, North America. The best nuts in chemical composition and energy value grow on Siberian cedar.

Everything is valuable and useful in Siberian cedar pine: wood, resin, needles, nuts-all this has medicinal properties.

How siberian pine nuts and pine nut oil, concentrate all the power of the mighty tree?

They contain a large amount of vitamins (iron, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin E, phosphorus, magnesium and copper).

They are also rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C, D and E, in addition to lutein. Antioxidants attack free radicals, which are associated with cell aging. That's why they are important for maintaining good health.

Pine nuts are the seeds of pine cones. Such small-sized nuts with a pronounced taste are of great value for the entire human body. Pine nuts contain a large amount of carbohydrates, which are the main source of energy. They have a high caloric content, since pine nuts contain a high percentage of fats (unsaturated), as well as some minerals and vitamins. Pine nuts and cedar oil are truly a real source of energy, vigor, health, longevity and well-being.

The combination of monounsaturated fats with protein and iron is good for increasing energy levels. In addition, they contain magnesium, so eating at least half a cup of pine nuts a day will provide the body with the recommended daily amount.

Pine nut oil can be used as a general tonic, as it tones the organ systems and stimulates the metabolism. Cedar oil is used during viral and respiratory diseases. Increases efficiency, gives strength and energy, improves men's and women's health. Cedar oil helps to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and improves blood composition.

Pine nuts take care of our cardiovascular system due to their high content of omega-6 and omega-3, they lower the level of bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol. Thanks to the content of vitamin E and zinc (natural antioxidants), pine nuts also protect our cardiovascular health.

Pine nuts and pine nut oil strengthen the immune system. The modern pace of life often causes nervous tension among residents of large megacities. Regular consumption of pine nuts and cedar oil reduces stress and chronic fatigue.

For those who follow a diet, it is useful to eat pine nuts and pine nut (cedar) oil. This is because they help suppress appetite, so you avoid overeating.

Pine nuts and pine nut oil are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, which improve the functioning of the immune system and the body's defenses.

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October 13, 2021

Greetings….pine nuts are delicious…does roasting or sauteing them delete any of their properties?

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