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Would you add Shilajit into your shampoo and is it good for your hair?

Mumijo is a biologically active substance, the exact origin of which has not yet been established. It is found on rocks in high caves of Altai, Central Asia, India, Iran, Indonesia. Mumijo is also common in the Caucasus, Yakutia and the Far East.

Mumijo can be found in the crevices of rocks in the form of a substance similar to resin. Modern pharmacology produces this biological product in tablets, capsules, less often in granules or with gelatin. Shilajit is a combination of plant components and trace minerals from rocks. The Altaic Shilajit is of particular value. It contains a high concentration of fulvic acid – larger than any other shilajit, plus large amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential oils, enzymes.

Mumijo is a unique substance known to man. The formation of the mumijo began more than 50 million years ago, when the Indian subcontinent merged with Asia to form the Himalayas. Shilajit is widely distributed around the world and are actively used for various purposes.

Siberian Mumijo has many useful properties:

* Toning and restoring. Shilajit works with chronic fatigue. It has a good effect on the emotional and physical state.

It has been reported that shilajit (mumijo) helps to cope with respiratory issues, liver and stomach diseases. Mumijo also helps with migraines and neuralgia, psoriasis, fractures, various injuries and burns.

 Siberian Mumijo increases the elasticity of blood vessels, stimulates metabolism. The use of mumijo helps to reduce blood glucose levels and fight viruses. Altaic Shilajit helps to cope with acne, stretch marks, improves the condition of the skin and hair.

* Anti-inflammatory. Altaic Shilajit is a natural antibiotic. Taking shilajit helps to reduce stress, inflammation, removes toxins from the body.

During diseases of the respiratory system, the Siberian Mumijo contributes to a rapid recovery.

* Improves cognitive abilities: mumijo improves memory and cognitive abilities in general. Studies are investigating even whether it has potential impact on Alzheimer's disease.

* Improves immunity: shilajit helps strengthen the immune system and has a positive effect on asthma and allergies.

Shilajit is a unique herbal supplement that is used in various fields. Now, talking about cosmetics, skin and hair health.

Mumijo is added to shampoos, creams, masks and balms, as well as to sprays in the form of capsules or resins. Especially the mumijo is widely used in cosmetology. Shilajit has a great benefit if you add it to the shampoo.

We all want healthy and radiant hair. Mumijo contains iron, zinc and vitamins such as A, B, C, D and E. All these compounds are largely useful for the growth and shine of hair. Shilajit is an excellent remedy for those who suffer from thinning hair, alopecia and dull hair.

You can only take Siberian Mumijo for hair. Take it once a day to make your hair shiny. Add a few tablets to the shampoo, first they need to be crushed to a powder state. With regular use, Altaic Shilajit has a beneficial effect on the hair and scalp:

* Eliminates dandruff

* Accelerates hair growth

* Strengthens hair follicles

* Prevents hair loss

* Gives hair shine and radiance

* Relieves dryness and fragility of hair

* Heals wounds on the scalp

* Increases the density of hair

Cosmetic masks for Siberian Mumijo hair not only help to prevent hair loss, dullness and cross-section of the tips, but also strengthen the roots well, activate hair follicles and cause active growth of new hair. For a quick visible effect, it is desirable to carry out such procedures regularly, 8-12 times a month. To obtain sustainable benefits, monthly courses should be repeated from 2 to 4 times a year.

Since natural mumijo is a resinous substance of dark brown color with a strong specific smell, the products in which it is included have an appropriate smell and color. Blondes and girls with highlighted strands should not worry: the mumijo is completely harmless to the hair color, the preparations containing it do not stain and do not change the tone of the strands.

 Like any biologically active substance, mumijo has contraindications. Do not use the drug inside with individual intolerance, during pregnancy and lactation. In the presence of chronic or inflammatory processes, you should first consult a doctor. The reception is incompatible with alcohol, since the shilajit is very poorly soluble in alcohol and is not absorbed when used together.

There are no contraindications for external use, but there may be side effects in the form of dry or itchy skin. Try mixing the medicine with vegetable or cosmetic oils (burdock, olive, etc.). If the discomfort persists, the reception should be discontinued. Intolerance to the smell of natural mumijo is rare and is not a contraindication to their use.

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