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Does Shilajit Expire? What is Shilajit Shelf Life?

Many books and articles have already been written about the unique healing properties of mumijo. This remedy also called "shilajit”, is a rich organo-mineral complex of natural origin. It contains more than 85 minerals and nutrients necessary for every healthy person.

But how long can you keep a mumijo? After how many years will it begin to lose its useful properties? Do the storage conditions of the remedy affect its expiration date?

In this article, we will answer these questions. But first, a few historical facts:

How humanity discovered the useful properties of shilajit.

Mumijo as a medicinal product has been known to mankind for more than three thousand years. Many famous healers of different periods tell us how to use it in their books, these are Rhazes, al-Biruni, and Avicenna. In his scientific works, Aristotle describes in detail the methods of its extraction and, most importantly, how to use shilajit.

This means that the healing properties of the mumijo were known as early as the 4th century BC. Traditional (indigenous or folk) medicine of Tibet, Central Asia, and India successfully used its medicinal properties in those ancient times and continues to use it no less successfully today.

Nowadays, the shilajit is experiencing its second birth. Modern medicine has already turned its attention to the healing powers of the mineral extracted in the Altai mountains. To date, it has been scientifically proven that this mountain balm has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. It raises the resistance of the immune system to various diseases, stimulates the regeneration process, which reduces the period of bone tissue fusion, fastens wound healing, and has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Many cosmetics have Altai shilajit in their composition, such as stretch marks creams, shampoos, various scrubs, and masks.

Healing powers of Altai shilajit.

Mumijo is widely used in medicine and cosmetology:

  • It has a positive effect on the face skin. Shilajit`s antiseptic properties help to remove redness, reduce and dry out inflammation. And succinic acid and antioxidants, which are part of Altai shilajit, help the skin to regenerate faster, make it younger and firmer, reduce wrinkles.
  • With the help of this natural remedy, you can successfully get rid of scars, stretch marks, and cellulite, so the resin is often used for cosmetic masks.
  • It has a positive effect on the condition of the hair, protecting it from harmful environmental factors, and also strengthens its bulbs, stimulates improved blood flow in the scalp, thereby fighting hair loss.
  • Mumijo use is also irreplaceable for colds and viral diseases, inflammatory processes. Nutrients give a beneficial effect on flu, sinusitis, sore throat, inflammation in the genitourinary system.
  • It helps to overcome digestive disorders. Pain, discomfort in the components of the gastrointestinal tract, heartburn, gastritis, ulcers, flatulence – all these problems and ailments are successfully treated with the help of medicinal resin from the Altai mountains.
  • The use of shilajit helps to stabilize metabolic processes in the body. In particular, it stimulates the production of a sufficient amount of hormones by the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, and ovaries. And this, in turn, contributes to the fight against many ailments, the appearance of which is caused by failures in the course of metabolism (including diabetes mellitus).
  • The healing resin also has exceptional benefits for the human nervous system. It helps to fight the effects of stress and overexertion, get rid of sleep problems, relieve migraines.
  • Accelerates the regeneration of tissues, including muscle and bone. Therefore, any problems with bones or muscles, including fractures of varying degrees of complexity, are solved faster if they are treated using mumijo-based drugs.
  • The natural remedy effectively relieves painful sensations in the joints. This, together with its anti-inflammatory effect, contributes to the treatment of arthritis.
  • Altai Shilajit improves blood flow, makes the walls of blood vessels stronger, helps to make them more elastic, and helps to fight varicose veins.
  • It is useful for the respiratory system. Its use accelerates the treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia; allows you to get rid of the annoying choking cough that accompanies these and many other ailments.
  • It helps to stabilize the weight, as it contributes to the normalization of metabolism. This aspect of the impact of shilajit will appeal to people who are trying to get rid of extra pounds but have not yet succeeded in achieving their goal.

Taking into account all the above, it is not surprising that the wonderful remedy from the Altai mountains is very popular with people who care about their health and longevity.

Does the Altai shilajit have an expiration date?

Theoretically, Shilajit (Mumijo) can be stored forever. Why? Because it was stored in its regular organic form in mountains for thousands of years, isn’t it? However, we need to mention here that the preservation of the beneficial properties of the purified shilajit still depends on the following factors:

  • It should be stored in a cool place.
  • Excess moisture leads to spreading.
  • It must be airtight.
  • Product quality. A full natural mumijo is best stored. Products with additives have a shorter shelf life.

Altai shilajit can be consumed orally. To do this, an aqueous solution is prepared. The mumijo quickly dissolves in warm water without residues. However, in a diluted form, the shelf life is very short, it is about 15-20 days.

The shilajit diluted in water must be kept in a cold place, for example, in the refrigerator or the cellar. Therefore, it is impractical to make a lot of solutions in advance. However, a spirit tincture is also can be prepared for internal use. Such a product is stored much longer – up to 3 years.

Storage conditions.

Mountain resin must be packed in a moisture-proof bag or a tightly closed container. Keep it in a cool, dark place. Sealed packaging preserves the structure and elasticity of the product.

When stored without packaging in a place with relatively high humidity, the mumijo spreads and partially loses its properties. The therapeutic resin absorbs moisture very actively. If the storage place is on the contrary excessively dry, the resin will dry out.

In the refrigerator or other cool place at a temperature from +4° to +7°C, (+40°F-+45°F) the density of the shilajit or fulvic content percentage practically does not change at all. If stored in normal room temperature (below +77F or +25°C) it can be safely stored for 2, 3, 5 years – as long as the manufacturers claim on packaging – this is for long they got certification from respective governing bodies. They simply kept it for that period in their manufacturing labs and proved that the shilajit is not losing its properties. As you can imagine this is done more for simple certification properties, rather than actual shelf life of shilajit which is effectively 100s or 1000s of years (again if stored properly). The remedy retains its shape and plasticity. When kept in such conditions, it will be convenient to cut the resin into pieces. In other conditions, the consistency may change.

Altai shilajit should not be left at an elevated temperature. This negatively affects the quality. Therefore, the mumijo should not be kept near heat sources and in sunlight. Toxic substances, including household chemicals, should not be located nearby. These substances can be absorbed into the composition of the remedy if the packaging is leaky.

What conclusion can we draw about the shelf life of the mumijo?

The expiration date of the Altai shilajit is unlimited since it is a very ancient substance. In fact, the mumijo does not deteriorate throughout its entire shelf life. Even if the storage conditions are unsuitable, it does not lose its properties, only the consistency can change.

It is advisable to store the shilajit in a cool place. But, if this is not possible, it will not spoil at room temperature. The main thing is that the storage place is dark.

It is mandatory to have a sealed package. Otherwise, the consistency will deteriorate, and it will have to be restored. In addition, the sealed packaging protects against the spread of the smell, which cannot be called the most pleasant.

Also, do not throw away this wonderful remedy if it has dried or spread. Dried out shilajit is not expired shilajit – it simply lost moisture, therefore has more fulvic acid content, and it will dissolve slower in water, but effectiveness is still the same if not stronger, again as you have higher concentration of fulvic acids and trace minerals. It is enough to slightly moisten or dry it, and it will be ready for use again.. as long as you need!

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