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Why is White Pine so good for your health?

Siberia is rich in ancient mysteries of nature that may never be known to man. The more valuable are the secrets that are already known and serve us today. One of these secrets is the ancient art of brewing coniferous tea, inherited from the shamans of the indigenous Siberian tribes.

Coniferous tea is a traditional drink of the inhabitants of the Siberian taiga, who are famous all over the world for their good health and longevity. Pine, spruce, fir needles contain vitamins and trace elements that strengthen the immune system in winter. In this article, you will learn about why white pine needle tea is considered one of the healthiest drinks in the world.

What is the uniqueness of White Pine?

White Pine (also called Pínus sibírica and Siberian cedar) is said to be a plant with amazing properties. The evergreen tree is famous for its incredible height. Sometimes it reaches 40 - 50 meters.

Siberian cedar is the oldest representative of the pine family. The tree is famous for its beauty and slimness. The love of this coniferous plant for sunlight is known. Being a long-lived pine, White Pine can reach the age of 400 years, although on average this figure is 200 - 250 years. Pinus sibirica begins to bear fruit only from the age of 15 - 40 with a sufficient amount of sunlight.

The healing properties of White Pine have been known for a long time. Due to the presence of biologically active substances in its composition, it is possible to successfully use this plant in the complex treatment of many diseases. Speaking of medicinal raw materials, it is worth noting that pine needles, resin (oleoresin), nuts, and their shells possess them. White Pine needles also have medicinal properties, and they bring the greatest benefit in the form of tea prepared according to old Siberian traditions.

The composition and useful properties of white pine needles tea.

The magical properties of the natural tea of Siberian shamans are due to the high content of vitamins and trace elements in the drink. Coniferous tea contains vitamins A, C, H, PP, E. The content of vitamin C in pine needles increases 3 times in winter. In the cold season, it is necessary to drink tea from fresh needles to get the maximum benefit for your health.

Vitamin A contained in white pine needles tea helps to restore vision and cure eye diseases. You can also drink this tea to prevent vision problems. This is especially useful for the elderly and for people who work a lot at the computer.

White Pine tea is also rich in antioxidants, which form a complex and safely remove free radicals from the body. The latter cause oxidation and cell death, accelerate the aging process, worsen the condition of the skin, nails, hair.

B vitamins, as well as calcium and phosphorus, have a complex effect on the body. They serve for the prevention and treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, and other joint diseases. In addition, they improve the work of the heart, normalize the pulse and pressure, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Benefits for women`s health.

Pinus sibirica tea rejuvenates the body by positively affecting various internal organs. A drink made from white pine needles improves the condition of the skin, hair, teeth. The skin becomes stronger and more elastic, the bruises under the eyes disappear. Tea from the needles of this coniferous tree helps in the treatment of infertility.

Phytotherapists advise drinking this tea for the treatment of colds and diseases of the respiratory system. It increases hemoglobin and helps to avoid winter vitamin deficiency. Drinking tea from white pine needles is useful for the prevention of heart and vascular diseases.

How is White Pine needle tea used in pharmacology?

The tea contains shikimic (cyclohexene carboxylic) acid, based on which synthetic and homeopathic preparations with antiviral effects are made. The organic compound destroys proteins forming a viral capsule, as a result of which pathogenic microorganisms quickly die.

In some cases, coniferous bark is used instead of pine needles. It is characterized by a high content of flavonoids. In addition to the pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, it improves the contractility of the myocardium, prevents atherosclerosis of blood vessels and cleanses the kidneys from accumulations of mineral salts.

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