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What type of tea is best to mix with Shilajit?

Some are saying that in its pure natural resin form, Shilajit is difficult to consume due to its bitter taste and dense texture. So, some reportedly prefer to dissolve the Shilajit in pure water and milk, adding a teaspoon of honey. So, why not mix Altai resin with your favorite tea?

How to choose the right tea to mix with Shilajit?

It is quite difficult to draw up any general classification of existing teas for all countries of the world. The Europeans initially divided tea into two large groups - black and green. The Chinese have much more varieties and types - in addition to black and green, there are also white, yellow, red, and even turquoise (Oolong).

From the point of view of mixing Shilajit, it is worth considering teas by the type of processing of their processing and the method of brewing. After the tea leaves are harvested, they are sent for drying (withering), then rolled - this releases a lot of essential oils. The more the leaf is curled, the richer and more aromatic the drink will turn out after brewing and the tastier it will be in combination with the Shilajit.

According to the method of processing and brewing, tea is divided into several groups:

Loose leaf tea.

This tea is the most common type. It is loose tea leaves, unrelated to each other. By the size of the leaf, long-leafed varieties are divided into subgroups - large-leaved (whole twisted leaves), medium-leaved (broken or broken), small-leaved (seeding or crumb).

The more buds in tea, the more valuable and high-quality it is, the more refined its taste and aroma. Depending on the technology and methods of processing the tea leaf, black (or red), green, white, and yellow long tea, as well as oolong tea, are distinguished. The quality and taste of each of these types still depend on the presence of kidneys in the composition, as well as on their quantity.

Green, unlike black tea, practically does not undergo fermentation (oxidation) and retains much more biologically active substances. Its infusion has a yellowish-green hue. The best drink for mixing with Shilajit is the drink with the lightest infusion.

Black leaf tea differs from green tea by the method of production. The existing method of processing and receiving, goes through the stages of drying, rolling, fermentation, and final drying. Black long leaf tea has tea leaves of a very dark color, almost black. The more firmly the tea leaf is twisted, the higher its quality is considered and the more pleasant it will be to drink with the Shilajit.

Pressed (tiled, tableted).

It is made from crumbs and tea dust by pressing. Always strong, with a tart taste, but a weak aroma is hardly suitable for "suppressing" the bitterness from the Shilajit.

Extracted, or instant-brew.

This type of tea is in the form of a liquid extract or powder. It has a weak natural aroma, therefore it is most often aromatized. This type of tea is suitable for all those who take the time to brew loose leaf tea for a long time.


The dried raw material is passed through a rotating mechanism with fine teeth. Leaves are mechanically cut and dried. This method has practically no waste. Not only the first two or three leaves are used as raw materials, but also the following ones. The taste of the drink is tart and strong, but slightly aromatic. This means that you can still feel the bitter taste of Shilajit when drinking this type of tea.


Tea bags and pyramids are the lowest-grade tea, made from tea crumbs and dust – a waste from the production of loose leaf tea. However, it is very popular with those who regularly consume Shilajit, as it has a convenient shape and quickly brews.

What tea for mixing with Shilajit is better to buy?

There is no single answer to this question. People are different, and they also have different tastes, so try, compare, and you will surely find "your" drink. We hope that our article will help you make your choice.

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