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From Siberia With Health

Siberian traditions of treatment with badger fat.

The ancestors of today's inhabitants of Siberia for many centuries observed, experimented, and learned secrets of nature. It was they who, through the cut and try method, bit by bit, collected knowledge about badger fat, about its amazing ability not only to alleviate but also to prevent and cure various diseases.

Long before the spread of technical progress in the taiga, Siberian healers not only knew how to accurately recognize any disease but also treat it correctly using badger fat and all kinds of remedies based on it.

For example, for burns with good results, the first Russian explorers of Siberia used badger fat melted in a furnace. This fat was impregnated with gauze and applied to the damaged skin. And in the case of frostbite of the extremities, they used intensive rubbing with interior badger fat. For the treatment of many diseases, traditional Russian medicine of the past has used a wide variety of recipes based on badger fat.

All these secrets were passed down from generation to generation - from one Siberian healer to another, and largely due to this, today we have the opportunity to treat even the most complex diseases thanks to such a unique natural remedy as badger fat.

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