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The healing properties of Siberian badger fat. How is it useful for massaging?

Massaging with badger fat is useful for people of absolutely any age, even for newborns and the elderly. Badger fat has been used in Siberia and across Russia in the treatment of most respiratory diseases (cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc.), for joint diseases, for muscle pain, for bruises and injuries, for wounds and burns, for frostbite, in cosmetology, and even in sports.

What is the secret of this wonderful remedy? The answer to this question can be found in the ancient traditions of people who have lived in Siberia for centuries. People are famous for their good health.

Siberian traditions of treatment with badger fat.

The ancestors of today's inhabitants of Siberia for many centuries observed, experimented, and learned secrets of nature. It was they who, through the cut and try method, bit by bit, collected knowledge about badger fat, about its amazing ability not only to alleviate but also to prevent and cure various diseases.

Long before the spread of technical progress in the taiga, Siberian healers not only knew how to accurately recognize any disease but also treat it correctly using badger fat and all kinds of remedies based on it.

For example, for burns with good results, the first Russian explorers of Siberia used badger fat melted in a furnace. This fat was impregnated with gauze and applied to the damaged skin. And in the case of frostbite of the extremities, they used intensive rubbing with interior badger fat. For the treatment of many diseases, traditional Russian medicine of the past has used a wide variety of recipes based on badger fat.

All these secrets were passed down from generation to generation - from one Siberian healer to another, and largely due to this, today we have the opportunity to treat even the most complex diseases thanks to such a unique natural remedy as badger fat.

What are the useful components the badger fat has?

Badger fat contains many substances necessary for a healthy body, which help to improve metabolism and strengthen immunity.

Badger fat contains many vitamins necessary for proper metabolism. The vitamin A contained in it prevents recurrence of chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, kidneys, and urinary tract has a positive effect on the skin and its appendages (hair and nails). B vitamins are energetics that provides energy for all biochemical metabolic processes.

Badger fat also contains macro- and microelements necessary for the body. This composition allows badger fat to have a general health effect on the body. It also has an anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory effect, possibly prevents the development of atherosclerosis, and stimulates the recovery process after illnesses.

How to use badger fat?

Massaging the badger fat into the skin has a warming effect resulting in:

  • Increases blood flow in the massaged area;
  • Relieves pain;
  • Improves the discharge of phlegm from the bronchi.

It is best to rub with badger fat in the evening or before bed. For this you need:

- prepare the badger fat for grinding by holding the jar for some time at room temperature;

- When the consistency is acceptable, apply a small amount of the product to the skin to make sure there is no allergic reaction;

- chafe your chest and back with light massage movements;

- properly smear only a small area of the body so as not to interfere with skin respiration;

- after rubbing, it is advisable to go to bed and get some sleep.

Massaging badger fat into the feet has been proven in Siberia as an effective means of protecting children from respiratory diseases during the cold season. If you notice a runny nose or cough after a walk, chafe your child's feet and wear warm socks.

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