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Does Rasputin gained his legendary power because of the use of Epimedium herb?

Siberia is the cradle of talented people - scientists, war heroes, physicians, and doctors - the list is endless.

However, the most controversial and at the same time the most famous person who was born in Siberia is Grigory Rasputin - the personal healer of the last Russian empress. At one time he had both admirers and haters, but they all agreed on one thing: Rasputin was an extraordinary person with high skill of charisma, enjoyed immense popularity among women, thanks to his legendary libido power.

What was the source of Rasputin's power: innate body strength or Siberian folk remedies? In this article, we will try to figure it out.

The collector of Siberian healing secrets.

From an early age, Rasputin was familiar with wise Siberian herbalists, shamans, memorized recipes for healing hundreds of diseases, as well as the features of herbs that favorably affect libido power. The elders revered in Russia showed him the great power of love for his neighbor, revealed to him the secrets of the inner forces of man and the ways to expand the capabilities of the human body.

Rasputin combined the features of a mystical diviner and a genius herbalist-healer. His counsel had tremendous healing power. Rasputin was saying -"bow to every blade of grass and ask for relief, then it will be useful. Aspen will take away damage and the evil eye from the baby if you put aspen twigs under the pillow. Bird cherry, poplar, alder, spruce will help relieve headaches, they will heal your back, liver, and heart. Who eats pine nuts is not aware of diseases”.

The Amorous Adventures of "Russian Casanova".

The famous native of Siberia believed that “The Word of Love”, is capable of saving from all troubles, putting up the most powerful protection. Rasputin admired this life-giving force because most of the lines from his written heritage are devoted to love for children and love between spouses.

In fact, many historians question the moral qualities of Rasputin. There are legends about his love affairs. Which of this is a myth, and which is true, is quite difficult to make out nowadays.

There is a lot of clear evidence that the Siberian elder was the lover of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse) herself - the wife of the last emperor of the Russian Empire, Nicholas II.

According to one of the theories, it was his legendary libido power that helped him in a short time to get the post of a chief physician at the court of the Russian monarch. Having become the personal physician of the Empress and Heir Alexei Romanov, Rasputin took part not only in medical affairs, but also in politics.

Tired of her husband's indifference, the Russian queen forgot herself in the arms of the Siberian sage and forgave him a lot. Even when a drunken Rasputin boasted at parties that he slept with the Empress herself and the Empress was informed of these conversations, she brushed it off and said that he could not say that, that someone was running around the city and posing as Rasputin, trying to set him up.

Despite his old age, Rasputin was able to give enough attention and lovemaking to the Empress (as well as to most of the young maids from her entourage). The recipe for the legendary libido power of a famous intriguer from Siberia is an infusion of Epimedium herb (Horny Goat Weed). Epimedium enhances blood flow in the pelvic area, activates the work of the gonads and adrenal glands, increases the sensitivity of nerve endings.

Do you want to get the legendary libido power of the mysterious Russian elder?

No problem - modern medicine can offer you many analogues of Rasputin's Epimedium herb. Today, horny goat weed extract is officially used in medicine for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia.

Similar in pharmacological action to Epimedium herb, Shilajit (mumijo) ointments increase potency due to the high concentration of bioactive compounds. They stimulate metabolic and restorative processes in the body, increase the sensitivity of nerve endings, activate the work of the heart muscle, gonads, etc.

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