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Benefits of using Siberian Hawthorn berries – fresh and dried

Siberian hawthorn is a semi-evergreen shrub with berries that look like small apples of black or red color. It is one of the most famous medicinal plants in the world. Medicinal products are prepared from any parts of hawthorn: bark, leaves, flowers, branches, berries, seeds. The beneficial properties of the shrub have been scientifically proven and recorded. Hawthorn from Siberia is a unique plant with unique healing properties.

About the chemical composition of hawthorn seeds

Both the medical and nutritional value of hawthorn seeds is due to the increased content of active but at the same time easily digestible substances, including:

  1. Fatty essential oils, saponins.
  2. Glycosides, coupled with fructose.
  3. Multivitamins.
  4. Flavonoids.
  5. Useful trace elements, including iron, calcium, and potassium.
  6. Pectin.
  7. Phytoncides.

Each of the hawthorn berries contains 3-5 seeds of a triangular shape. They do not sit very tightly in the pulp and can be easily removed when a fruit is fresh, but when it’s dry – it’s almost impossible to take out. Both - berries and seeds – have great therapeutic effect, whether hawthorn are fresh, frozen, or dried.

It is recommended to prepare teas, balms, drinks, and compotes based on extracts from solid natural raw materials (whole berries with seeds) since its useful components, contained in berries and seeds will stay with the liquid during processing. Hawthorn tea, drink, compotes are much tastier and healthier in comparison with those prepared from berries without seeds. For a basic compote from whole dried hawthorn berries, let dried berries to stay overnight in liquid, then bring it to boil, and now you can eat much softer berries with honey or as-is, and you have a ready to drink healthy hawthorn compote

Is it a good idea to use a hawthorn seeds when making tea and infusions?

Yes, it is! Due to the presence of natural essential oils, in the seeds of hawthorn berries, teas and infusions have a pleasant smell and rich taste.

Tea and various drinks from sun dried hawthorn berries can be used for the following health beneficial purposes:

  1. To increase immunity. It is usually used in combination with rosehip berries.
  2. To improve the processes in the gastrointestinal tract. An infusion with chamomile flowers is made.
  3. To help with cardio arrhythmia. In this case, it is recommended to add a motherwort to them.

The use of alcohol tincture, prepared on whole dried hawthorn berries, will help with a spectrum of issues such as:

  1. Reduction of nervous tension.
  2. Active benefit for the heart.
  3. Help with sugar regulation - hawthorn berries can even contribute to the fight against excess weight by regulating carbohydrate metabolism
  4. Helps to reduce high blood pressure and as a result – help with headache.

Hawthorn seeds are also used in Siberia for making flour, from which you can then bake cupcakes, buns, cakes, etc - pretty much like bird cherry flour, very popular in Siberia. There is also a method of using ground hawthorn seeds for the purposes of fortification (adding vitamins and useful nutrients) in wheat flour and baking mixes products in Siberia.

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