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The benefits of Milk Thistle oil from Siberia. How is it better than oil from other places?

Silybum, or milk thistle – is a common thorn with fluffy pink and lilac flowers, growing as a weed in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, China, and Australia. Few people guess about its unique beneficial power, although milk thistle has been in special esteem in Western Europe for 2 thousand years, both as a medicine and as a food product.

According to an ancient legend, the Virgin Mary herself revealed to people the full value of milk thistle, it is not by chance that this plant is particularly beneficial to the female body.

Milk thistle oil is a unique product that concentrates all the power and healing properties of the thistle. Aromatic oil is used both in cooking and for the prevention of many diseases, it is also indispensable in cosmetology.

The composition and useful properties of the milk thistle oil.

Its caloric content is about 900 kCal, but most of the oil (87%) is unsaturated Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids (linolenic, linoleic, and oleic acid) - the main fighters for vascular and heart health and the most powerful antioxidants.

Vitamins A, D, F and K, B vitamins also improve heart function, keep the skin healthy and radiant, vitamin E in thistle neutralizes the dangerous effects of free radicals.

One of the most important values of milk thistle is the substance silymarin, the strongest restorer of liver cells, in nature this hepatoprotector is almost nowhere found.

Chlorophyll, which is similar in composition to hemoglobin, saturates the blood with oxygen, strengthens cells, and has an amazing property of removing unpleasant odors, in particular from the mouth.

Minerals - such as selenium, iron, zinc, manganese, and magnesium - protect blood vessels and the heart, stimulate the pancreas. Carotenoids in milk thistle seed oil activate and normalize metabolism.

Thanks to the antioxidant silymarin, the oil simultaneously strengthens healthy liver cells and restores damaged ones. In case of any poisoning (alcohol, toxins, medications), in complex therapy for cirrhosis and hepatitis, milk thistle is a reliable assistant.

Milk thistle oil with constant use also has a positive effect on the entire digestive system – it is prescribed for gastritis and ulcers, cholecystitis, colitis, and even hemorrhoids.

This oil is especially useful for the female reproductive system – it has proven itself in gynecological practice for a long time. Milk thistle oil is used for cervical erosion, inflammation in the vagina, and other diseases, thistle also relieves pain during menstruation and menopause. A unique set of vitamins in its seeds allows you to maintain reproductive functions, milk thistle is useful for women during pregnancy and lactation.

How is Siberian Milk thistle better than herbs from other places?

Deep underground in the mountainous part of Southern Siberia there are pockets of granitization. From there, from 6-10 miles away, extremely valuable enriched with trace minerals, fulvic and humic acids waters rise to the earth's surface and absorbed by plants and vegetation, including milk thistle.

The effect of these waters on health has been studied relatively well. But how many more extraordinary secrets are hidden there, in the depths! Almost all chemical elements present on Earth come up. They are absorbed by herbs and converted by them into the most useful compounds.

So the vegetation growing in the Siberian region certainly cannot be called ordinary! Oil from Siberian milk thistle is much better than oil from herbs growing in Europe. This region is unique in its ecological parameters - the Siberian nature, despite the long history of development by Russian researchers and urban planners, is still little studied by man. Sometimes you cannot meet a single living soul for hundreds of kilometers here! Aren't these ideal conditions for the growth of environmentally friendly milk thistle? The oil made from the extract of this plant is an excellent source of the famous Siberian longevity.

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