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Why Shilajit is good for strengthening bones?

Many people have a perfectly reasonable question: does the shilajit help with bone fractures? Can it help strengthen them? Of course, the shilajit cannot be the only means to strengthen bones, but coupled with competent therapy can be a great addition. It can speed up the recovery of a patient who has suffered a skeletal injury. The main thing is that it should be a real Altai Shilajit.

A brief history.

During the reign of the Ancient Persian king Faridun, the authenticity of shilajit was determined biologically. Animals with minor injuries were used for this. The areas of damage to the shilajit were liberally lubricated with rose oil. If the product was of high quality, then the injury healed fairly quickly.

Another interesting way of shilajit checking was invented by Aristotle. To do this, it was necessary to take a lamb liver cut into pieces, which was smeared with natural resin, and then combined. If the mixture was real, the pieces immediately stuck together.

Why can shilajit be recommended for strengthening bones?

There are quite a lot of reasons why doctors can recommend shilajit for fractures and injuries of the skeleton. Reviews and practice claim that the speed of injury healing as a result of using shilajit is because it accelerates the process of formation of a callus. At the same time, this natural resin can catalyze the processes of bone tissue regeneration and restore their functions.

The most important advantage of the rapid formation of a callus is the prevention of displacement of fragments and fragments of bones that can appear as a result of injury. If a person has an open fracture, then due to the constant use of shilajit, it can significantly accelerate the healing process of both bone and soft tissues.

Indications for use.

Bone fractures, along with various injuries to the skeleton and musculoskeletal system, are serious tests for the human body. With such injuries, not only the tissue will suffer, but also the vessels, ligaments, muscles. The condition will worsen with pain, an increase in body temperature, as well as severe swelling.

The medical treatment prescribed by a doctor can be much more effective if shilajit is used together with it. It can be used both externally and internally. For example, in the form of tablets, compresses, or infusions.

If a person has received a sprain, dislocation, or other injury, then stone oil can help him, which has the following effect:

  1. Acceleration of bone fusion. The restoration of bone tissue may take only 2-3 weeks.
  2. Reduction of several autoantigen enzymes that have a destructive effect on bone tissue.
  3. Support of calcium in human blood at the required level.
  4. Providing pronounced anti-inflammatory effects on damaged areas of the body. For example, open wounds can heal faster, swelling decreases faster, hematomas pass faster, purulent discharge is eliminated, etc.

Regular use of shilajit-based remedies can accelerate recovery. On average, the use of natural resin can bring the cure closer by 10-15 days.

Methods of application.

Shilajit is a universal natural remedy. You can take it both externally and internally. However, before you start taking shilajit, you should still get a preliminary consultation with your doctor.

You can also additionally consult a phytotherapist. It should be remembered that only an experienced specialist and a doctor who monitors the course of the disease should tell exactly how to take the shilajit: in what form, in what dosage, how many times a day, etc. The degree of tissue damage and the nature of the injury, as well as the stage of recovery, will determine in what form and how much shilajit should be used.

Usually, the shilajit is prescribed no earlier than the tenth day after the onset of the fracture. There's no point before. On the tenth day, an active process of formation of bone callus tissue is started.

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