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Eleutherococcus (Siberian Ginseng) Health Benefits

Siberian ginseng or "Eleutherococcus senticosus" has been successfully used in eastern countries for a long time. Despite the name, it is not identical to Asian or American ginseng due to different compositions and different active chemical components. Siberian ginseng has enormous benefits for the human body.

Eleutherosides are the main ingredients in Eleutherococcus senticosus, which provide stimulation of the immune system. This is exactly what its key therapeutic purpose is.

Eleutherococcus has traditionally been used to prevent flu and colds, as well as to increase the vitality of energy and ensure longevity. It has long been actively used in China in the form of an adaptogen, that is, a substance that can help the body cope with physical or mental stress as best as possible.

Learn more about the plant.

Siberian ginseng is a shrub that grows in the territories of the Far East. The plant prefers a cold climate. The stem and branches of the shrub are covered with thorns. At the end of summer, yellow or purple flowers growing in the form of umbrella clusters turn into black round berries. The root of Eleutherococcus is brownish, woody, wrinkled, and twisted.

What is Eleutherococcus extract made from?

Both the extract and all the additives are created from the root of Siberian ginseng. It contains components called eleutherosides. They are very healthy. Among the other ingredients in the composition of Eleutherococcus, there are chemicals - polysaccharides that can improve the state of the immune system and reduce blood sugar levels.

Forms in which Eleutherococcus is produced.

Eleutherococcus is available in the form of liquid extracts, in capsules, tablets, and powders, as well as in the form of chopped or dried root (for brewing tea).

How can it be useful for health?

Potential advantages of Siberian ginseng include:

  • Reduce fatigue and increase energy. Siberian ginseng as a stimulant can help overcome exhaustion and make a person more energetic.
  • Improvement of cognitive functions. Blood circulation improves, blood flow to the brain increases, and mental functions, such as concentration and memory, improve.
  • Stimulating effect. The ability to improve muscle performance, especially during periods of intense physical activity.
  • Acceleration of wound healing, as well as prevention of ulcers. With increased immunity, the healing process can also be accelerated.
  • An increase in low blood pressure. As a stimulant, Siberian ginseng can increase blood circulation, as well as heart rate, and increase blood pressure over time.
  • Improvement of the condition during menopause. Extracts of Eleutherococcus and eleutherosides can bind to estrogen receptors. As a result, the effect of estrogen withdrawal decreases in women who are in the menopause period.
  • Reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Siberian ginseng can affect increasing bone and muscle strength.
  • Providing an inhibitory effect on the development of respiratory tract infections. Siberian ginseng can act as an immunostimulator, reducing the severity and duration of lung infections, such as pneumonia or influenza.
  • Improvement of lymphatic function. Eleutherosides can have a positive effect on the lymphatic function of the lymph node network. That is, it is possible to reduce edema.
  • Restoration and prevention of nerve damage. Siberian ginseng can have a positive effect on damaged nerves, as well as perform the function of prevention.
  • Stabilization and reduction of blood sugar levels. Siberian ginseng can be very useful for diabetics. The use of eleutherosides can reduce insulin resistance, and can also be used as one of the means for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Eleutherococcus can also be used for herpes and viral infections. It reduces the intensity of diseases and their duration. Siberian ginseng has a positive effect on mental activity, it improves memory and mental abilities.

It should be remembered some rules for the use of Siberian ginseng:

  • Siberian ginseng should be taken in the morning. This will help to avoid sleep disorders.
  • It is necessary to take eleutherococcus between meals.
  • People with high blood pressure, pregnant and nursing mothers, people with Crohn's disease, narcolepsy, heart disease eleutherococcus is contraindicated.
  • The supplement should not be taken randomly. It is necessary to strictly observe the established schedule – so, consult with your physician, please.

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