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What is Squalene and why is it especially good in Amaranth Oil?

In the world of minerals and nutrients, as in Hollywood, there are "stars" of the first magnitude by the type of well-known vitamins A, B, C, E, etc. And there is also a modest "third echelon", on which everything is held in reality. Squalene belongs to such little-known heroes. This chemical compound is amazing. Even in the smallest quantities, it can work real miracles.

A record amount of squalene (8-10%) is contained in amaranth oil. We are talking about plant culture, which is well known to those who follow a gluten-free diet. The Incas and Aztecs worshipped amaranth.

He was also known in the territory of Kievan Rus`. Some historians are convinced that as part of the Europeanization program, Peter I issued a ban on the cultivation of amaranth. The Russian tsar decided to replace the flour made from it with rye and wheat. As a result, the consequences of such a decision turned out to be very sad. People's health has been shaken and the overall life expectancy has decreased.

Why is squalene so useful?

It got its name from the Latin name of the shark, namely "Squalus". In the liver of this predatory fish, Japanese scientists at the beginning of the XX century discovered an interesting chemical compound. The study of the numerous beneficial properties of squalene continues to this day. However, quite a lot is already known about him. For example:

  1. Squalene can support regeneration of skin tissue.
  2. It helps with immunity support.
  3. Fights damaged cells and tissue
  4. Squalene is also able to adjust the state of hormones and the work of the heart.

At the same time, the substance is completely non-toxic and very safe.

From the point of biochemistry, squalene is a naturally unsaturated hydrocarbon. However, to ensure the stability of its state, hydrogen atoms are necessarily needed. Everyone knows that the human body consists of 80% water, with which squalene reacts. It releases oxygen and saturates cells with it. For this reason, it is called the oxygen vitamin.

Squalene has caused a real revolution in pharmacology, dietetics, and cosmetology. Useful components of the substance penetrate deep into the epidermis and provide elasticity to the skin. As part of cosmetics, squalene takes on the function of an effective wound healing agent. This will especially appeal to people who suffer from Neurodermatitis, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, etc.

The main advantages of squalene

The substance performs the following functions:

  1. Acts as an adaptogen that increases the body's ability to withstand adverse conditions.
  2. Cleanses the blood, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract from decay products and all kinds of toxins.
  3. Acts as a stimulator of health and cell growth.
  4. It can bind "bad" cholesterol and prevent its deposits in blood vessels.
  5. Fights bacteria and unhealthy flora.
  6. Acts as a normalizer of hormone production.
  7. Works as an anti-aging agent.

The use of squalene in amaranth oil.

The composition of amaranth oil contains about 10% squalene. It protects the skin from various external influences and also prevents aging. The epidermis due to squalene will be saturated with moisture and retain elasticity.

The component can have an antimicrobial effect and protect the skin from various infections. It is actively used in cosmetology for the age group over 25 years because it is during this period that the concentration of squalene in the human body begins to decrease.

Amaranth oil is used to support the heart and circulatory system. The product has an antisclerotic effect, prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques and blood clots in the circulatory system. As part of this oil, squalene can strengthen the walls of blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation.

Due to phospholipids and amino acids, which are rich in amaranth oil, a hepatoprotective effect is provided. In other words, the process of outflow of bile from the body accelerates. This can have a beneficial effect on the state of the digestive system, as well as prevent the development of all kinds of stagnant processes in the intestine.

Amaranth oil is also used for prevention and therapy:

  1. Enterocolitis.
  2. Gastritis.
  3. Gastroduodenitis.
  4. Pancreatitis.
  5. Hepatitis.
  6. Cholecystitis.

Squalene in the composition of the oil can suppress the activity of pathogenic flora in the digestive system. In addition, it may help to remove toxins, heavy metal salts, and toxins from the intestine.

Squalene provides increased protection for health and wellbeing of a person of any age and condition.

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