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What are the best herbs for colon detox?

It is not for nothing that the intestine is called the conductor of our body, because the work of the whole organism as a whole and each organ, in particular, depends on its condition and functional activity. If there is any breakdown in our gastrointestinal tract, it is reflected not only indigestion. It may cause skin problems, chronic fatigue, and decreased immunity. For the colon to work properly, it is important to help it.

The main drivers of our intestines are physical activity, proper drinking regimen, and natural herbal remedies. The advantage of herbal colon detox is a gentle action, without any pain. Decoctions of herbs allow you to completely remove food residues, feces, mucus from the intestines, as well as remove toxins that poison the body and restore microflora.

Today in this article we will talk about herbs and natural remedies for colon detox and stabilizing digestion.

Senna herb decoction.

Senna herb is the most popular colon cleanser, it is included in herbal preparations for weight loss, due to its strong laxative properties. The popularity of senna can be explained by the fact that the herb has a positive effect on the kidneys and liver, it helps the rapid movement of food through the intestines, it's effective cleansing.

Senna decoctions are prepared in the following way: half of the teaspoon with herbs is poured with cold water, the container is put on the fire, brought to a boil, and boiled for eight to ten minutes. After filtering, insist for an hour. The ready-made broth is drunk in two-thirds of a spoonful in the evening and one in the morning.

Senna is a powerful remedy because its effect will be felt immediately. It is allowed to drink it for a week, then you should take a break for several months. Long-term use of the broth can lead to discomfort in the intestines, dehydration.


Prunes are a special type of plum with a dark skin tone. Usually, they are dried before consumption. Dried fruit is added to desserts, cereals, baked goods, and is used in cooking meat.

This affordable remedy quickly and effectively relieves constipation, prevents the development of hemorrhoids and facilitates its course, and reduces the risk of rectal cancer. Its unique effect on the intestines helps to "wake up" motor function no worse than pharmaceutical drugs but without their inherent side reactions.

Prunes contain a lot of pectins. This is a polysaccharide that attracts moisture and retains it in the colon. Due to this effect, the feces increase in size begins to press on the walls of the organ. The tone of smooth muscles increases, the intestine secretes a secret for enhanced excretion of feces from the body.

Dietary fiber, of which there is a significant amount in prunes (on average, 7 g per 100 g), has no less influence on the evacuation ability of the colon. A study by experts from the United States (Kentucky) showed that the consumption of dietary fiber gently relieves constipation, cleanses the intestines of toxins and rotting food debris, and reduces the risk of certain gastrointestinal diseases.

Sea buckthorn.

Sea buckthorn is not only a tasty berry but also a very effective natural remedy. Moreover, not only the berry itself has healing properties, but also the seeds of the tree. A decoction of sea buckthorn seeds is an excellent laxative. With low acidity of gastric juice, with atonic constipation, doctors often recommend using fresh fruits and a decoction of sea buckthorn seeds.

The recipe for a decoction for Colon detox is quite simple: you need to pour the seeds into a saucepan and pour boiling water over it. Then you need to boil it over low heat for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, remove the pan from heat, close the lid and wrap warmly. Insist for 2 hours, then strain. Method of using this broth: take 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

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Stay healthy!

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