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Cosmetics, Skin Care, and Shilajit

Cosmetologists and beauty experts have long appreciated the unique properties of Shilajit to restore elasticity and youth to the skin. Therefore, Shilajit for skincare is often used in masks, creams, and lotions.

This wonderful resin often called "tears of the mountains", is a natural elixir to restore youthfulness and freshness to the skin, which is a must for tired facial skin in the ecology of a metropolis and constant stress caused by the fast pace of modern life.

Why are “tears of the mountains” so attractive to modern cosmetics manufacturers? Why are medicinal products and cosmetics with Shilajit considered one of the best? Let's try to figure it out.

Shilajit + Cosmetics = Skin Harmony.

Shilajitis close to the natural composition of the skin and bones of a human, therefore, it harmoniously and naturally complements the lack of precisely those substances that are necessary for the skin and bone tissues for regeneration and restoration at the cellular level. It is for this reason that Shilajit is often added today to cosmetic products and preventive care products for the face.

The use of cosmetics with Shilajit is recommended by cosmetologists both for problematic young skin in the treatment of adolescent acne and to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, and to eliminate age-related changes.

What is the best Shilajit for cosmetic purposes?

For home use, cosmetologists recommend preparations with Shilajit in the following forms:

  • Tablets are the most convenient option for mixing, but there are quite expensive and relatively hard to dissolve as moisture is taken completely out of tablets, therefore, the use of tablet preparations for cosmetic purposes is not the best option, in our view.
  • Resin (balm, shilajit balsam) is a soft, viscous substance that can be dissolved to make it more elastic and then easily applied to any skin area and just as easily washed off. The percentage of active substances in resin is high and the cost relative to tablets is affordable (per gram or per oz of wight). Therefore, the balm is the most common form of use for cosmetics application of Shilajit.

The balanced composition of active substances in Shilajit makes it easy to cope with any pustular skin diseases caused by hormonal surges in adolescence. Also, the balm is often used for anti-cellulite wraps. Due to the healing properties of the Shilajit to take away excess moisture, giving away useful substances, wraps give an excellent tightening effect and eliminate unpleasant stretch marks.

The purest and most effective is considered to be a pure freeze-dried preparation in the form of plates or small plastic balls. In this case, the exclusion of impurities and one hundred percent therapeutic and cosmetic effects are guaranteed.

Shilajit also makes excellent masks for all skin types. Peach or olive oil, cosmetic nourishing creams, medical petroleum jelly, glycerin, or anhydrous lanolin can be used as a basis for the preparation of creams or masks with mumijo (as Siberians call Shilajit).


The idea of adding Shilajitto creams and skincare products is one of the most successful ideas in modern cosmetology. Today, beauty experts around the world prefer to use Shilajit as a remedy for acne, skin inflammation, and expression wrinkles.

Also, it's gaining popularity to use shilajit in cosmetic to warm up muscles, joints and deliver shilajit into your body thru skin in general. Cosmetics containing Shilajit warm joints and cartilage that are close to the skin, for example, fingers and toes, which has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the limbs. And most importantly, adding Shilajitto cosmetics is one of the most effective (and at the same time pleasant) ways of delivering Shilajit to the internal organs. It is better to lubricate your face and skin with a fragrant cream or oil than to swallow pills.

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