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Maral Root - the benefits of Altai herb and a recipe of healing infusion

The indigenous inhabitants of the Altai Mountains have been breaking life longevity records among all regions of Russia for many decades. And the point here is not only the low crime rate in the region – in many ways, a large number of centenarians in Altai is explained by the unique traditions of local folk medicine.

The basis of Altai traditional medicine is the use of Maral root (Leuzea rhaponticum carthamoides). The amazing and nondescript-looking herb has received recognition of official medicine and has become part of numerous biological additives that help restore a person's energy potential, increase masculine strength, and restore women`s skin to their former beauty and freshness.

The composition of the Maral Root.

The chemical composition of Rhaponticum carthamoides is a combination of macro- and microelements, as well as polysaccharides, antioxidants, vitamins, resins, tannins, steroid compounds, flavonoids, organic acids, and lipids.

The effect of the nutrients included in the root is as follows:

  • Steroid bonds are represented by two elements - ecdystene and inocosterone. These phytoecdysons stimulate the immune system, increase stress resistance and physical endurance, increase attraction to the opposite sex.
  • Inulin polysaccharide is a link in the assimilation of mineral and vitamin complexes by the body, as well as in their proper distribution through cells and tissues.
  • Essential oil does not allow sputum to accumulate in the bronchi and lungs, produces an adequate immune response to colds.
  • Vitamins C and E have a beneficial effect on the blood, have a rejuvenating effect on the body. Vitamin E is especially valuable for women approaching the threshold of menopause.
  • Macroelements (manganese, iron) regulate the number of red blood cells, normalize thyroid function, and facilitate carbohydrate metabolism. Manganese is involved in the optimization of the central nervous system.
  • Microelements (cobalt, copper, chromium, magnesium, zinc) compact the bone structure, participate in hematopoiesis, promote the transport of nutrients through the bloodstream, lower blood glucose levels, regulate protein metabolism.

A detailed explanation of the composition of the substance has become known relatively recently, but the indigenous inhabitants of Altai have been using the medicinal properties of the Maral root for many decades.

Useful properties of Rhaponticum.

Like any medical preparation, Maral root has medicinal properties and contraindications. Therefore, you need to take it carefully. It has such useful actions:

  • Increases immune protection.
  • Accelerates the restoration of the skin in case of damage.
  • Increases vascular patency.
  • Helps to develop stress resistance, strengthens the nervous system.
  • Increases performance.
  • Quickly eliminates the effects of alcohol, food, toxic poisoning.
  • Accelerates the build-up of muscle mass.
  • Starts the skin rejuvenation process.

People with sleep disorders and any chronic diseases Maral root tincture with caution. In both cases, the intake of phytoremedy should be coordinated with the attending physician.

The healing recipe of the Altai healing infusion.

Today you can buy a dry raw Maral root powder product / crushed root. Water decoctions are prepared from the dry substance, which cannot be found on sale, since their shelf life is no more than 24 hours. Also, from a dry product, you can make settings similar to those that are released ready-made.

To prepare a decoction, 2 teaspoons of the root are scalded with 3-4 cups  of boiling water, kept in a boiling water bath for 3 minutes, then infused for 1.5 hours under the lid. After complete cooling, the herbal tea is filtered and drunk three times a day before eating 2-3 tablespoon. The decoction can also be made multi-component by adding other herbs to the dry mixture that meet the expected result with their effectiveness.

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