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How to use Shilajit for weight loss?

Today, there are many different ways to lose weight, including surgery. Not all people have a desire to go to the operating table, right? We believe there are better ways. Shilajit as a supplement for your weight loss program can offer a much more humane method than a complex surgery

Called "Tears of the Mountains" by the indigenous inhabitants of Altai, Shilajit helps to eliminate cellulite, remove stretch marks, restore pigmentation and metabolic processes. The effectiveness of the remedy has been repeatedly proven by patients who have eliminated defects on the skin using shilajit.

What is the use of a Shilajit for losing weight?

Altai Shilajit is a resinous substance, which contains numerous macro, micro, and other elements that have a therapeutic effect, as well as unsurpassed healing properties.

Most nutritionists recommend Shilajit when compiling a comprehensive diet program to correct excess weight, remove stretch marks on the skin, and also reduce the localization of cellulite.

Some customers report that Shilajit is remarkable in that it has a wide range of possibilities it offers. It can be used both for correction and short-term prevention or serious therapy of obesity.

How to take Shilajit for weight loss?

The main feature of the Shilajit lies in its natural real effect. Most people who have tried advertising "miracle weight loss remedies" are convinced that all of these methods do not work or allow them to lose very little excess weight. So, how to take a Shilajit for weight loss?

In total, there are three methods of using Shilajit for losing weight:

  • detox shilajit drink ,
  • special baths to eliminate subcutaneous fat,
  • a cream made based on a resinous viscous mass, which eliminates stretch marks and cellulite.

When taking a Shilajit, it is important not just to follow the instructions, but to follow the established dosage and the instructions of the leading specialist.

Shilajit detox drink.

The most effective and only oral method is a tarry detox drink. This remedy allows you to restore the process of digestion and metabolism, and also partially suppresses the feeling of hunger, which is important when the stomach contracts. Ancillary therapy consists in removing slag and toxic substances from the body. The level of cholesterol is lowered, which helps to reduce the possibility of developing atherosclerosis.

Here are some tips for making a Shilajit detox drink:

  • The product must be infused. After preparation, you need to leave the drink for half an hour to increase the effect.
  • To prepare the body for long-term therapy, the first days should be divided into two times: morning and evening.
  • For mixing the drink, use water no higher than 40-60 Celsius degrees.

It is best to prepare the drink with honey, but in some variations, you can add ginger or cinnamon.

Slim baths with a Shilajit.

Special baths with Shilajit are a corrective and cosmetological procedure necessary to eliminate defects on the skin. If you take a bath regularly, you can not only restore skin tone but also significantly improve its appearance.

You`ll need 50 liters of water and 0,022 lbs. of Shilajit. The maximum allowable dosage is 0,044 lbs. per 50 liters. The water temperature should not exceed 95 degrees. To achieve the desired therapeutic effect, it is necessary to place the problem part of the body in the water and not remove it until the end of the procedure. On average, taking a bath is 20-30 minutes.

Cream for healing skin stretch marks.

The presence of stretch marks when overweight is an urgent problem that worries many women. Specifically, striae (striae distensae) are a defect of the skin, a kind of small "cracks". They do not pose a threat, but in aesthetic terms, it could be a major headache.

Shilajit cream for healing stretch marks will help eliminate all defects of the skin. Since the resinous substance improves blood circulation, as well as activates the production of collagen, stretch marks are no longer a serious problem. The standard correction and cosmetic course are 2-3 weeks, if necessary, it can be extended.


Of course, every woman and man wants not only to feel beautiful, but also to be completely healthy. Being overweight is our serious enemy of modern times, but completely surmountable. Using Shilajit you can get to the desired result much faster than without Shilajit. However, it is important to remember that there are certain contraindications that must be adhered to. Before starting the course, you should consult with your doctor or a healthcare provider and dietician.

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