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How to make liqueur on dried hawthorn berries – secrets of Siberian winemakers

Hawthorn liqueur is not just a delicious, fragrant and pleasant-colored drink, but also a great folk remedy for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. In moderation, experts recommend using it for migraines, exhaustion of the central nervous system, increased cholesterol in the blood and other ailments.

Most often, amateur winemakers use in the preparation of liqueur not only the hawthorn berries themselves, but also flowers with leaves. As a result, whatever recipe the winemaker uses, he will receive a high-quality and pleasant-tasting alcoholic drink at the end. Which recipe the home master chooses will depend on their personal preferences.

Classic liqueur recipe.

Most winemakers follow the classical, traditional Siberian technology of making hawthorn liqueur, which involves the use of the following ingredients:

The brewing method includes the following steps:

  • Hawthorn fruits are poured with alcohol (spirit or vodka);
  • A standard syrup is made from sugar and water, which is poured into the infusion;
  • After the drink has been infused for several days, it is bottled, tightly sealed and put in a dark place for several days.

This is one of the easiest and fastest options for making hawthorn liqueur.

South Siberian hawthorn liqueur.

Another classic recipe, but from the inhabitants of Southern Siberia. High-quality hawthorn liqueur on vodka is prepared only from high-quality raw materials.

Main ingredients:

Step-by-step recipe:

  • Sort the berries, rinse and blot with a paper towel. Put it on the bottom of a clean glass jar and pour it with vodka.
  • Seal and put away for 21 days in a room without direct sunlight, regularly shaking the contents.
  • Then strain the drink.
  • Heat honey to 100 degrees in a water bath, mixed with vanilla. Combine the mass with the previously prepared alcoholic base.

At the end of brewing, the liqueur should be allowed to infuse for a week and you can taste it.

Liqueur "Aromas of the Taiga".

The recipes described above have been used by Siberians for many years. But some people like to use a different technology, which implies a larger number of components that saturate the finished drink with special taste and aromatic properties.

Main ingredients:

  • 1 l. of moonshine/vodka;
  • 5 tbsp. of liquid honey;
  • a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla;
  • 15 oz. grams of fresh berries and 2 tbsp. hawthorn flowers.

Step-by-step recipe for "Aromas of the Taiga":

  • Sort and wash the berries, send them to the bottom of a clean jar along with hawthorn flowers.
  • Pour it with vodka/moonshine.
  • Add spices and honey, mix thoroughly.
  • Seal it tightly and put it in the cellar or basement for about 30 days.
  • Every 2-3 days, the contents must be shaken.
  • Next, the tincture should be filtered and bottled.

Worth knowing! Readiness is evidenced by the fact that the berries are noticeably lighter, and the liquid itself, on the contrary, turns red. If this does not happen, then the drink needs to be adjusted more time.


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