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How to apply Shilajit to skin stretch marks? Traditional Altai Cream-Gel with Herbs and Shilajit

Many people, both women, and men, may face such a problem as skin stretch marks. This defect does not bring joy to anyone, although it does not prevent the body from fully functioning. Nevertheless, it looks quite unattractive, as a result of which people are constantly looking for means to combat stretch marks. Surprisingly shilajit which is known as a dietary supplement can help us here what would be a cosmetic remedy...

Shilajit copes well with stretch marks, especially if used in conjunction with horse chestnut extract, pine cones or pine needles extract, as well as burdock root extract - this is what we would call a traditional Siberian recipe. 

What is it and how does it work?

The shilajit is one of the complex substances with mineral and organic elements in it, which has an exclusively natural origin. There are more than 90 components in this mixture. It has long been successfully used in cosmetology in Siberia to combat stretch marks and other skin problems.

Often during pregnancy, a woman's body is subjected to hormonal changes. As a result, there is deficit of the synthesis of elastin and collagen, which leads to thinning of the skin and a decrease in its elasticity and subsequent atrophy, which manifests itself in the appearance of stretch marks.

However, this problem is not unique to pregnant women. Hormonal failures can happen absolutely to any person. In addition, stretch marks may appear with a sharp change in weight. This can be seen by the color of the stretch marks. The fight against them is a rather complicated process. The later you start it, the more difficult it will be to achieve a positive effect. In order not to bring the situation to plastic surgery, you should try natural remedies, including shilajit.

To get rid of skin atrophy through shilajit, you can use the processes that this mixture is able to provide:

  1. Restoration of damaged cellular tissue.
  2. Enriching the skin with vitamins and minerals.
  3. Stimulation of protein synthesis (collagen and elastin enter the skin).

Stretch marks are better treated by topical application. In this case, it will be possible to ensure the receipt of the maximum amount of necessary substances to the affected skin. In addition, when a person has an individual intolerance to individual components, external use will significantly reduce the possibility of an any allergic reaction.

How to apply Shilajit to skin stretch marks?

To do this, you need to use fairly simple recipes and ready pre-mixed shilajit with herbal cream-gels:

  1. Ointment with shilajit. In its composition:
  • ½ tsp shilajit;
  • 1 tbsp water;
  • 5 tsp anhydrous lanolin;
  • 10 tsp of medical vaseline.

All components (except the shilajit) must be sterilized at a temperature of 350-390 degrees. It is also necessary to do with the tools for making ointment.

The shilajit needs to be heated in a water bath at a temperature not higher than + 30 degrees. Then we need to dilute the natural resin with water and combine this mixture with vaseline and lanolin. Next step: mix until smooth. Store the resulting ointment in a dark place, at a temperature of up to + 70 degrees.

  1. Infusion with shilajit (water-based). Its preparation is very simple: dilute 1/10 tsp. shilajit in 2 tbsp. l. warm water and apply to the skin. After a couple of days, you can reduce the amount of water by reducing it to 1 tbsp. The solution cannot be stored for more than 24 hours.
  2. To prepare it, you will need 1 tablespoon of ground coffee. We add any shower gel and shilajit to it. The resulting scrub is applied to problem areas for a month (at least!).
  3. Finally, probably the easiest method is to apply Altai cream-gel with shilajit in it. For example, Altai Cream-Gel “Anti-Stretch Marks” with Shilajit and Siberian Herbs – it is made using traditional formula and combination of shilajit with Siberian Herbs, such as: Horse chestnut extract, Pine needles extract, Pine cones extract, Burdock root extract. Directions: Apply all over skin, concentrating on stretch mark prone areas such as tummy, hips, thighs, and bust. Massage liberally into skin twice daily. Store in a cool dry place and keep tightly closed after initial opening.

Thus, there are different ways to use shilajit in the cure stretch marks.

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