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Healing Properties of Milk Thistle and Milk Thistle Oil

Milk Thistle is an effective and safe herb with many benefits for human health. Its biologically active substance - silymarin creates the main pharmacological properties of milk thistle, protects the liver from harmful effects.

This herb and the oil made from it have been traditionally used as a "liver revival elixir" for thousands of years. They are treated with a variety of diseases associated with a malfunction of the liver or gallbladder. In this article, we will take a closer look at what healing properties Milk Thistle has:

Milk thistle strengthens and protects the liver.

Milk thistle oil is considered an excellent tool for strengthening the defenses of the human body. Thanks to a fairly rich vitamin and mineral complex, this product strengthens the immune system and is also able to improve health in case of colds, recover after long-term serious illnesses, operations, radiation, and chemotherapy.

The active ingredient of milk thistle oil is silymarin, which neutralizes the effect of toxic substances that have a detrimental effect on the liver.

Milk thistle may increase levels of the essential antioxidant enzyme glutathione, which reduces inflammation and scarring of the liver, reduces exposure to drugs and toxins, and helps the liver regenerate tissue.

Milk thistle and fatty liver disease treatment.

The combination (silymarin, phosphatidylcholine, and vitamin E in 1 year were able to improve the course of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in a clinical trial involving 179 people. 80% of recipients experienced decreased liver enzymes, insulin resistance, and scarring of liver tissue in the absence of serious side effects Some of the HCV patients included in this study received the same benefits.

Milk thistle for hepatitis C and hepatitis B.

A study of over 1,000 people concluded that people with hepatitis B or hepatitis C who take milk thistle have a lower risk of dying from liver problems.

People with liver disease often have very high ferritin levels due to inflammation or injury to the liver tissue. In studies, milk thistle oil in combination with phosphatidylcholine (PC) reduced ferritin readings in 80% of cases within 12 weeks and led to an improvement in the general condition of the liver of patients.

Removal of toxins from the liver and recovery after complex medical procedures.

Milk thistle oil helps reduce the harm done by alcohol. This oil is able to inhibit the synthesis of acetaldehyde, which is formed in the body when drinking alcohol. You can take 15 drops of milk thistle seed oil every day to help flush out toxins from the body.

Milk thistle can protect the liver from drugs and toxins. In a clinical study involving 50 people with leukemia, milk thistle showed the effect of protecting the liver and reducing tissue damage from chemotherapy after 1 month of use. In women with leukemia, silymarin (800 mg / day) reduced the side effects of chemotherapy and protected the liver for 4 months of the experiment.

Most of the mushroom poisoning around the world comes from the fungus - the pale toadstool. Milk thistle oil is considered the no.1 antidote for such poisoning. it saves lives over 90% of the time, far better than any other antidote. But it is worth remembering that milk thistle extract must be injected within 48 hours to prevent serious liver damage and increase survival.

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