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Bread recipe with dry sea buckthorn dried berries

The pulp of sea buckthorn fruits contains up to 8% fatty oil (in seeds - up to 12%), vitamin cocktail - provitamin A, C (10 times more than in citrus fruits - for which the berry received the nickname "northern lemon"), beta-carotene, B2, B6, hematopoietic folic acid (vitamin B9) E, K, bioactive substance lycopene, some anthocyanins, ballast substances that can improve digestion – and this is far from the whole list.

Funny scientific fact.

An international group of scientists recently isolated the joy hormone serotonin from sea buckthorn fruits, which is involved in the regulation of vascular tone, motor activity, blood clotting processes, as well as giving analgesic and relaxing effects to the nervous system. Serotonin deficiency in the brain leads to depressive states and severe forms of migraine. It was this problem that scientists managed to solve by developing a "happy" bread with the addition of sea buckthorn serotonin.

Scientists expect that its use can help people overcome depression and melancholy. In India and Japan some companies are planning to start producing antidepressant baked products with sea buckthorn berries soon.

While the best minds of our planet are trying to unravel the secret of the "bread of happiness", you, right in your kitchen, can cook a healthy and delicious dish with whole sea buckthorn!

Recipe for sweet bread with dried sea buckthorn berries.

Dessert sweet bread with sea buckthorn is better to eat on the day of baking; it is so delicious that you would hardly want to leave it for tomorrow!

To cook delicious and healthy pastries, you will need:

  • Milk - 300 ml.
  • Sugar - 25 g.
  • Dry yeast - 1.5 teaspoons.
  • Wheat flour - 500 g.
  • Butter - 145 g.
  • Brown soft sugar - 100 g.
  • Dry sea buckthorn berries - 200 g.
  • Chicken egg - 1 piece.
  • Salt - 1 teaspoon.

Let's start baking!

You need to:

  • Grease the baking dish with butter and sprinkle with flour.
  • Combine lukewarm milk, sugar, and yeast in a jug. Mix well and leave until foam appears — it will take about 20 minutes.
  • In a large bowl, sift the flour and salt. Add the butter and rub it with your fingers into a crumb, without large pieces of butter. Make a recess in the center and pour in the milk with yeast. Mix until the dough forms.
  • Transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth and soft. Transfer the dough to a lightly floured large bowl, cover with a towel or cling film and leave to infuse for about 45 minutes, until doubled in volume.
  • When the dough rises, take it out of the bowl and knead it slightly, then mix it a little and roll it out on a floured surface into a layer of 30 × 38 cm. With a sharp knife, cut the dough lengthwise into four equal-width strips.
  • Lightly lubricate each strip with softened oil. Sprinkle with light brown sugar, then sea buckthorn, lightly pressing the berries into the dough. Carefully lift the dough strips and fold them one on top of the other, then cut into six equal squares. Lift each "turret" and lay it in the form with the cut up — place each "turret" next to the previous one to fill the entire form tightly. If individual sea buckthorn berries fell out during assembly, they can be added to the dough at this stage.
  • Cover the dough form with a pastry paper and let it stand in the heat again for 30-40 minutes, until the volume is doubled.
  • Preheat the oven to 330 F. Lightly grease the top of the risen dough with egg and sprinkle with light brown sugar. Bake it for 30-45 minutes, until golden brown.

The bread should be slightly cooled and served warm. Bon Appetit!

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