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Siberian Viburnum Snowball Oil | Extra Virgin Cold Pressed 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz |Premium Carotenoids

From uniquely beneficial botanical: Snowball seed (Viburnum) oil is a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of the Viburnum (Snowball), which grows in Russia. Snowball contains a variety of bioactive substances, vitamins, ascorbic acid and carotene and carotenoids, similar to sea buckthorn oil.

Rich in tocopherol: The seeds, which contain up to 21% oil, are rich in Vitamin E, carotenoids (provitamin A) and micronutrients recognized for its antioxidant properties and health benefits. Snowball seed oil is little known or used outside Russia.

Great aromatherapy massage component: Due it is a pleasant berry & fruit aroma, Viburnum oil works great as a aromatherapy massage oil. It provides critical nutrition to the skin, helps to increase skin elasticity, help reduce inflammation and inhibits the aging process.

Fruity and delicious salad dressing oil: the only vegetable oil with a mild berry and fruity flavor, makes it one of the best choices for salad dressing. It is also one of the healthiest, rich in nutrient and antioxidants!

Premium Quality: Cold pressed, Extra virgin unrefined and undiluted, from wild harvested seeds of Siberian Snowball, Viburnum opulus. Directly from Altai, Siberia. BPA-Free UV-protected specially designed PET bottle and premium packaging to preserve best quality Viburnum oil. Directly from Altai, Siberia

100ml / 3.4oz BPA-free PET bottle, UV protected. Contains 100% Natural Extra Pure Virgin, NON-GMO Siberian Viburnum (Snowball) Oil, Manufactured by: OOO “Best Value Organic” 23 Katunskaya street, Uznezya village, Chemalskiy disctrict, Altai Republic, 649232

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David V.

Perfect. Love it. Great quality product

Five stars. I use it in salad

Jonathan S.
Nature's gift

Great and quality product, I can't wait to order for more! Such an amazing product and shipping is awesome !!

Michael V.
I like it

I use it as a conditioning oil for hands and face; it absorbs quickly as it is not greasy, and leave skin toned. Also I add it to salads mix.