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6 Super Probiotics Siberian Green Bifido & Lacto Acidophilus 120 Caps

120 Caps - Siberian Green 6 Super Probiotics - Rich blast of Bifido and Lacto Acidophilus, FOS, XOS, and 6 Strains of Probiotic. This is what your gut needs for easier digestion, less discomfort, and an end to many digestion related problems. Gives you the natural nutrition of a big daily diet of fresh greens, fruits, vegetables and more all packed into a single cap. Take each day to balance your system, have more energy, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Rich in FOS & XOS - Each capsule contains 150mg of prebiotic FOS fructooligosaccharides and 50mg of XOS xylooligosaccharide. These natural nutrients are considered the finest by modern science at efficiently restoring beneficial digestive conditions. Also contains a generous 6 Strains of Probiotic with a full 10.9mg

Pre and Probiotics are often used to create healthier conditions throughout the body. Creating ideal beneficial bacteria helps your body run much more efficiently with powerful resistance to weakness. Often used to reduce the incidence of stomach issues and challenges with urinary tract.

To equal the rich nutrition in just one capsule of Siberian Green 6 Super Probiotics, you would need to consume a massive daily amount of fruits, vegetables, bamboo shoots, milk, honey and much more. Now you can get everything your gut needs in a safe, convenient one-a-day

Made in USA - Proudly based on an old Siberian formulation complemented with global herbal traditions. We manufacture this supplement in the USA at a 100% cGMP compliant facility. Created for global markets with Superior Quality Assurance.

Manufactured/ Designed by Siberian Green

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Joanne M.

I like the product it works well