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Siberian Shilajit Altai Mumijo Resin Mountain Grace (Sachera-Med) 3.53 oz (100g)

100 % Pure Shilajit (Mumiyo)

Premium quality, natural

No aromas, preservatives, colorants

Harvested from Altai mountains

100 grams of pure Siberian Shilajit (Mumijo) packed in a glass jar and carton box. A plastic measuring spoon and English instructions in box.

Suggested internal use: for adults 250 mg (a measuring spoon) to be taken once or twice per day during the meal for 1-3 months. Shilajit may be dissolved in warm water, milk or tea.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Chanelle E.

Great product, work for my family.

Shilajit A Mineral Powerhouse

I had heard about this goo years ago. I wasn't sure if it was hype. That is until I witnessed a doctor I follow using shilajit for observers to see. She left medicine, never to return, because she was added to the US terrorist list for moving from allopathic to homeopathic medicine and refused to write prescriptions for her patient permanently. As mentioned, in one of her videos, she pulled out a jar and a chopstick and, with difficulty, fished out this black goo. She referred to the contents in the container as shilajit. After her explanation about its minerals formed over thousands of years, how food no longer holds these properties, and the debilitating health consequences we're all experiencing that lead to disease from the lack thereof, I searched for and found shilajit at Siberian Green.
I contacted the doctor mentioned above via email about the product she used in the video. They informed me they could no longer get it from their source. They asked me to contact them after using Siberian Green's product if it proved medicinal and beneficial. At this time, my family and I have been following the KETO plan of OMAD (one meal a day), which has proven tremendously beneficial. Once we all began using the shilajit, we experienced tremendous (and I mean it) energy that was, without a doubt, recognizable. There is no doubt that it proves the foods sold in Grocers, even without naming the upscale grocers, are empty of nutrients. Shilajit will confirm this with its health-enriching benefits. I am so glad I saw that doctor's video. We have now returned to eating as our ancestors did. We include many organ types of meat in our diet. We source clean, healthy animals. It turns out that these organs were purposefully taken off the market and are pretty tricky to purchase. That and fresh raw milk, no grain, no soy, grass-fed and finished meat. A key to good health was removed from the food stores leaving us with empty nutrition and high carbs instead. Carbs or sugar is the cause of Diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc. We benefit significantly from the shilajit because we have learned the truth about nutrition. Thank you, Siberian Green. You provide the missing key to health and wellness.

Michael D.

This product is produced very well!!

Jonathan S.

Excellent service and quality product
Golden Mountains Shilajit Resin is excellent! Shipping was quick with tracking to Ghana. Packaging is of high quality, and a little metal spoon is included. The shailajit is kept fresh in a sterilized glass bottle. When it arrived, I made a cup of Shilajit with warm water and added agave syrup, and wow, the results were immediate. The metal spoon makes it simple to remove the resin. It's easy to desolve in warm liquid. Minerals are present in the resin, which are necessary for good health.


Best I’ve tried ever- hands down. Very pungent, but that’s a good thing. Will definitely be purchasing again. So glad I stumbled uptown this brand!