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Pure Siberian Shilajit Altai Mumijo Mountain Grace (Sachera-Med) 3.53 oz (100g) Pure Resin

100 % Pure Shilajit (Mumiyo)

Premium quality, natural

No aromas, preservatives, colorants

Harvested from Altai mountains

100 grams of pure Siberian shilajit (Mumijo) packed in a glass jar and carton box. A plastic measuring spoon and English instructions in box.

Contains only 100% pure shilajit - no preservatives, colorants, aromas.

The overall packaging has FDA standard label attached in English with all required details and Supplement Facts

Suggested internal use: for adults 250 mg (a measuring spoon) to be taken once or twice per day during the meal for 1-3 months. Shilajit may be dissolved in warm water, milk or tea.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jonathan S.

Excellent service and quality product
Golden Mountains Shilajit Resin is excellent! Shipping was quick with tracking to Ghana. Packaging is of high quality, and a little metal spoon is included. The shailajit is kept fresh in a sterilized glass bottle. When it arrived, I made a cup of Shilajit with warm water and added agave syrup, and wow, the results were immediate. The metal spoon makes it simple to remove the resin. It's easy to desolve in warm liquid. Minerals are present in the resin, which are necessary for good health.


Best I’ve tried ever- hands down. Very pungent, but that’s a good thing. Will definitely be purchasing again. So glad I stumbled uptown this brand!

Sharon F.
My First Time

I found the quality to be excellent. I am taking a small dose daily and look forward to observing some positive results. So far I am healthy and happy with the Shilajit.

Michael J.A.D.C.
Best Shilajit yet

I'm not new to shilajit use and as I get furthet into it the pricing keeps getting higher. Some companies just REEK of rip-off. I'm NOT an I impulse buyer; salesmen hate me cos I used to be one. I do my RESEARCH BEFORE I pull the trigger on a purchase...and usually it's the BEST VALUE I end up with.

Siberian Green shilajit is that best value. The product has more of that "shilajit scent" so I'm guessing that means it's more potent.
I've had other products that were a lot easier to dose because their paste was much thinner. The Siberian Green stuff is THICK. First few times using it I could barely get it out of the bottle. But I came up with a trick. Don't use the plastic spoon that comes with it. Best to hear up the tip of a metal utensil under hot water and then scoop the desired amount and you're good to go. The heated metal cuts trying they the paste without any hassle.

I use this in my coffee or tea daily. I credit shilajit from Mother Earth I in keeping me Rona free. And this is the best Shilajit I've used. 5 stars in Noo Yawk.

Grayson D.
Great Value

Love Shilajit, love this product and the price. Great for energy