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Maral Root Tea Loose Powder 300g (10.58oz) Wild Harvested Leuzea Rhaponticum carthamoides from Altai

Siberian Green Maral Root Tea Loose Powder 300g (10.58oz), manufactured by Best Value Organic in Siberia, Altai region. Ingredients: Maral Root Powder 100% (Leuzea Rhaponticum carthamoides). Store in a cool dry place. For better results store in a closed plastic or glass container at room temperature. Do not take if allergic to any elements of Maral herb (Leuzea Rhaponticum carthamoides

Legendary Maral Root powder is very well known in Siberia – a herb for traditional Siberian maral root tea or maral root tincture. Pour ½ tsp per 1 or 2 glasses of hot water, wait for 3-4 minutes. Feel the mild and refreshing herbal scent. Drink it as a herbal tea or let it cool and add to your juice or protein drink.

Gained popularity as ingenious people of Siberia and Siberian hunters and gatherers noticed that Maral deer uses this herb to improve its strength and stamina during the spring season

Maral or Leuzea Rhaponticum carthamoides has been subject of various sports nutrition studies in Eastern European countries where its commonly used by weightlifters to increase lean muscle growth

Collected in pristine, remote, and unpolluted Siberian forests. Nothing added – 100% natural. Maral roots are carefully collected, cleaned in water, sun dried, and finally ground into convenient powder form. Siberian Green Maral powder contains the maximum amount of nutrients

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Roger W.
Siberian maral root

This definitely gives me a lot of energy the one thing that stand out for me is the refreshing taste can't wait to try more products thanks

James H.
Maral root tea

I like the tea! I drink it everyday

Andrew F.
good quality

not sure its making me any manlier but it taste good and is good quality

Peter N.

First and foremost, I have ordered 5 various items from Siberian Green. Every order the shipping was very fast, the prices and products received are excellent in quality. Prices are below market and the free shipping is a nice bonus in savings.
Will continue to purchase from this excellent company. Note, I am a consumer and not a paid reviewer.