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Siberian Green Ginkgo Biloba Cut and Sifted Leaf 200g (7.06 oz) – 100% Premium Loose Biloba Tea Pure Healthy Wild Harvest

SIBERIAN WILD HARVESTED: The Ginkgo biloba leaves are harvested in a pure remote place that is unpollinated and has less human interference. The leaves have a strong, woody, slightly sour flavor. Use with confidence as this product is at its best natural status.
No GMOs, No Irradiation, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Fillers, No Artificial colors and No Gluten

PREMIUM HEALTHY PRODUCT: Ginkgo Biloba sifted and cut leaves may help maintain healthy circulation. healthy brain function, alertness, and support memory, especially occasional and short term memory.

RESEALABLE PACK: To help keep the herbal food fresh and hygienic, it is packed in a resealable pack. Ensures the Ginkgo biloba leaves maintain great quality over the entire consumption period.

EASY TO PREPARE: You can just simply add your Ginkgo biloba L to the tea blend or prepare a tincture. To prepare a tincture, place around 100 grams of dried ginkgo in a jar and add 500 ml of liquid. Keep in a dark place for a month, strain the leaves by pressing all the liquid from the leaves. Store in a glass container and take a teaspoon a day.

QUANTITY SUPPLY: A single pack of these cut and sifted Ginkgo Biloba loose leaf will take you for months depending on your level of consumption. This large single pack has 200 grams (7.06oz)

Manufactured/ Designed by Siberian Green

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fernrona S.
Top of the line ginkgo biloba

Very satisfied with this Ginkgo. I will certainly buy this again. Shipment was quick and product is real

Dae M.

Excellent I really like this pure product

Chaqueta C.
Gingko leaf

I love this product. My son had a severe brain injury for a seizure. He is 4 years old and now can't walk, talk, or eat on his own. I can tell that he is becoming more alert since using this product. Will be back for more!

Carrie S.

Siberian Green Ginkgo Biloba Cut and Sifted Leaf 200g (7.06 oz) – 100% Premium Loose Biloba Tea Pure Healthy Wild Harvest

Ginkgo Tea

I am really enjoying this tea