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Buckwheat Nettles Galega Rosehip Lingonberry Evalar Tea Altai Siberia 20 Tea bags Herbal Mix

Herbal tea mix from Evalar, Siberia, Altai region from Siberian herbs, such as Buckwheat flowers and grass (Fagopyrum esculentum), Galega grass (Galega officialis), Nettles leaves (Urtica), Rosehip fruits (Rosa majalis), Lingonberry leaves (Vaccumium vitis-idaea), Currant leaves (Ribes), 20 tea bags. 1 tea bag for 1 200ml cup. Pour hot water over your tea bag. Ready in 5-10 min

Ingredient List

Buckwheat flowers and grass (Fagopyrum esculentum)

Galega grass (Galega officialis)

Nettles leaves (Urtica)

Rosehip fruits (Rosa majalis)

Lingonberry leaves (Vaccumium vitis-idaea)

Currant leaves (Ribes)

20 tea bags from Altai Siberia by Evalar

100% natural composition. Most of the herbal ingredients are collected in the Altai or grown on Evalar’s own plantations in the ecologically pristine foothills of Altai without using any chemicals or pesticides

Excellent microbiological purity of teas is ensured with a gentle method of instant steam treatment using high-tech French equipment

For the best preservation of valuable properties, delicate taste and aroma of herbal tea, each teabag is individually packed in a multi-layer protective envelope.

Manufactured/ Designed by Siberian Green

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Customer Reviews

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Eugeniusz J.

Buckwheat Nettles Galega Rosehip Lingonberry Evalar Tea Altai Siberia 20 Tea bags Herbal Mix

tatiana s.
Good tea

I like this tea, very pleasant taste, can drink just as a herbal tea, and usually everyone benefit from lowering sugar level, I recommend this tea to everyone