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Why sea buckthorn berries are oily and why sea buckthorn oil is so good for you?

Many people have a question: why sea buckthorn berries are so oily? The answer is simple: this berry is greasy, as a very useful oil is made from it, hence these properties.

What does the composition of the berry depend on?

The main factors that affect the mineral and vitamin composition of sea buckthorn are:

  1. Grade.
  2. The place of growth.
  3. Harvest season.

During the autumn period, the maximum amount of minerals accumulate in berries in comparison, for example, with the August harvest. However, this rule is not universal, because there are more vitamins such as magnesium, potassium, and iron in fruits in autumn compared to summer, and less calcium, phosphorus, and sodium.

About sea buckthornoil.

Sea buckthorn oil "Oleum Hippophaes" is an oil squeezed (cold pressed) from the berries of sea buckthorn. It can be also obtained in several other ways, by extraction of chemical solvents, maceration of dried pulp, and skin of sea buckthorn fruits using vegetable oils, for example, sunflower or olive. It is also obtained by extraction with liquefied carbon dioxide, centrifugation of sea buckthorn fruit juice, etc. But the best and the healthiest method is cold-pressing.

Sea buckthorn oil is a fairly well-known product. It is often added to various medicinal and cosmetic preparations. It is often found in the composition of rectal candles. It is also sold in its pure form. It can have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin. The oil can be used to treat burns, wounds, problem areas of the skin, as well as baby skin.

You can buy a ready-made product, or you can make it yourself. However, this is quite a long process and not everyone will like to mess around so much

Where is sea buckthorn oil can be used?

This oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent that stimulates the recovery processes in soft tissues, including liver cells after alcohol intoxication. It can also increase the protein content in the liver, regulate fat metabolism, and also have an inhibitory effect on the development of atherosclerosis. In addition, the oil can have an analgesic effect, as well as wound healing.

It can be used in the case of the development of various skin diseases, especially those that are accompanied by a lack of vitamins in the human body. The oil can be used to treat eczema and female diseases, for example, cervical erosion, by lubricating the skin and mucous membranes.

Another possible use of sea buckthorn oil can be the treatment of burns, as well as bedsores, inflammation of the pulp and gums, tonsillitis, and sinusitis. It can also be used in case of hair loss, as well as baldness. It is used in the care of the nail plate and skin.

The oil is quite often used in cosmetology, including face care procedures. Because sea buckthorn oil has a fairly high content of carotenoids, which gives it a bright orange hue, its application to the skin should be carried out with caution.

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