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Shilajit tablets - should they be dissolved in water before use?

Shilajit is a natural component rich in useful microelements, which makes it possible to use this unique remedy for various healing purposes. Depending on the composition, the color of the Shilajit can vary from light brown to black.

Mountain resin is applied to wounds, added to creams and shampoos, and of course consumed as-is or diluted in a glass of water or tea. However not everyone has a desire to taste the strange-smelling sticky substance. Those who have a resinous smell of pure Shilajitcauses unpleasant emotions, can purchase Shilajit in the form of pills or tablets.

But what is the correct way to take such pills? Do you need to dissolve them in water before use? Today we will answer both the first and the second question.

How useful are Shilajit tablets?

Today you can buy various tablets in pharmacies. You need to know that due to the specific production of tablets, auxiliary components are usually added to them, respectively.

However, there is an exception: Shilajit Dry drops - tablets made using a unique technology that allows to preserve all the beneficial properties of this unique natural remedy and nothing is added to Shilajit dry drops. Those are just regular Shilajit resin that was extremely dehydrated. In usual shilajit resin moisture content is approximately 10%. In tablets it’s no more than 2%. The rest – is pure and extremely potent shilajit.

The healing properties of Shilajit Dry drops.

Shilajit tablets have a rich complex of medicinal properties that promote regeneration, strengthen and prevent inflammation. The remedy is widely used for the healing of wounds and fractures, reduces the sensation of pain.

Also, Shilajit tablets help to improve metabolism, which is important for people who want to say goodbye to being overweight. The use of this drug during the period of changes in weather conditions will have a beneficial effect on the state of immunity and prevent the body from getting sick. Shilajit could be a supplement in your healthy diet that creates a barrier to the penetration of viruses and harmful microbes into your body.

What are the benefits of Shilajit Dry drops?

The main advantages of Shilajit Dry drops include:

  • Relatively low price. Shilajit tablets seem a bit more expensive than resin, but in reality, if you take into account higher fulvic percentage in tablets AND almost no loss and waste – as some resin stuck in can, on the lid and can’t be recovered, so its wasted – tablets are cheaper per unit of fulvic acid bought and consumes. In case of tablets the waste is essentially zero.
  • Long shelf life. Shilajit Dry drops retain their beneficial properties for many years, in fact can be refrigerated and stored more than declared 3 years. Less moisture content in tablets relative to resin de-facto extends shelf life of tablets.
  • Very easy to consume - just drink plenty of water! You don’t need any equipment to dilute, no risk of creating potential mess, over consume or under consume. With dry drops you know exactly how much you are consuming. Dry drops are very convenient when you travel or away from you home kitchen setting.

Shilajit Dry drops: instructions for use.

It is recommended to use Shilajit dry drops for:

  • recovery after surgery;
  • managing weight;
  • treatment of injuries;
  • strengthen the immune system… and many other conditions

The shilajit dry drops should be taken twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. The course of treatment should be two to four months. Treatment depends on your health condition. Please consult with your doctor. The tablets can be taken in a variety of ways:

  • drink plenty of preferably warm water; herbal tea or even coffee
  • mix with food

It must be remembered that no matter how simple these recipes may seem, when choosing the right one for yourself, you should consult with your doctor!

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